To Be Less Than Our Best Is Making A Mockery Of Our Calling.

I was reading Rick Lance blog post online and how he mentioned the selectiveness of God’s choice. I was surprised how he connected one specific point that those who God called were never people with criminal history to begin with.

I thought it was amazing to know that since I knew or got involved in the Christian Faith that God only uses people who came from a horrible lifestyles.Infact the Church promotes such people very quickly into sacred positions.

The good news is that God uses anyone from any backgrounds for his only purpose.He doesn’t look at what we look at but what we don’t look it.God chose David without any experience or horrible lifestyle as a Man after his own heart.

Many of us have felt like we can’t be fully use because our lifestyles don’t carry a serious criminal convictions or substance abuses or even drug addictions.Which I believed is a complete lie.God doesn’t care about all that unnecessary stuff.He looks at the heart.

Let’s read some of Rick Lance Five key points:

I. God uses people who have a sense of calling.

In Psalm 78:70 the Bible says, “God chose David”. The call from God to service begins with God Himself. To others, David as a runt of a shepherd boy raised in family of taller and stronger brothers. Yet God called David to His service. This underscores the fact that “man looks upon the outward appearance but God looks upon the heart”. For the believer, salvation is by grace through faith. But the call of God to serve Him is His choice.

At times, I have served on ordination councils for young men going the ministry. The first thing I am looking for is a testimony of God’s saving grace. The second sign post I am waiting to see is the person’s distinct understanding that He has been called of God to the ministry. The call of God must be in a person’s life or the other qualities will be nullified.

II. God uses people who have a sense of character.

No one, who is honest, can describe David as perfect. His sins are many and they became public when prophet Nathan said, “you are the man”. You can almost visualize the long boney finger of Nathan pointing at David when those words gushed forth like a tidal wave of truth slamming against the false pride of his life.

This passage may have written prior to the time when David’s moral indiscretion or adulterous act became known. The word integrity is used in some translations to speak of character. Other translators used the term, “pure in heart”. Both of these expressions speak to the necessity of have a heart dedicated to doing God’s will His way.

The man after God’s heart was once the pure heart that sees God and could be used of God in His kingdom service. Granted, the Lord used David after his sinful deeds but not in the same ways as before. There was always a stain on the pure cloth. There was always a stigma of his sin in his life even after Psalm 51, his confession was offered to God.

God is capable of using anyone and everything for His good but He is looking for those with character. He wants His servants to be people of a pure heart and a clean mind. That sense of character is indispensable for believers to be effective in serving Christ.

III. God uses people who have a sense of commitment.

David was described as a servant who left shepherding sheep to be the shepherd of God’s people. Before he could be the shepherd he had to be a servant. Servant leadership begins with a servant attitude. That is why Paul challenged us to have the “mind of Christ”.

Jesus was the epitome of the servant leader. While the disciples debated and argued who was the greatest, Jesus took a towel and proceeded to wash the dirty feet of the these men. It was a lesson in servant minded we should never forget. The King of Kings stooped to wash the feet of those who would never have been mistaken for greatness in the eyes of the world.

George W. Truett was arguable the most famous pastor in his day. He served the First Baptist Church of Dallas as that church emerged as the fastest growing congregation among Southern Baptists. He was a stalwart leader in his denominational family. Yet on one occasion, Dr. Truett was visited, on a cold snowy evening, by some men seeking his wise counsel. The first thing Dr.Truett did after welcoming them in from the cold and taking their coats, was to seat them by his fire place and one by one he took off their shoes and warmed their cold extremities with his hands massaging them gently by the warmth of the fire. Truett was exemplifying the spirit of Christ.

If we want to be used by God we must be His servants. David left the sheepfolds of his family and shepherded God’s people with a servant leader’s heart of humility and wisdom. This is the commitment our Lord is looking for in us. There is no substitute for this kind of commitment.

IV. God uses people who have a sense of competence.

To be a shepherd, a warrior and a king were huge undertakings and no one could function in these roles without developing God given gifts. For the Christian, competence is all about discovering spiritual gifts, developing them and then deploying them in God’s work and for His glory.

In Christian service there is no place for mediocrity or laziness. This is a horrible testimony for Christ. To be less than our best is make a mockery of our calling, character and commitment to Christ.

We must have a strong work ethic rooted in our love for Christ and not based on any neurotic tendency to prove ourselves to other people or to gain a measure of success in the eyes of anyone but Jesus. Paul captured the spirit of this lifestyle when he declared in Philippians 1:21, “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain”.

The Apostle Paul is an excellent example of one who gave the Lord his full self in dedicated service to Him. He did not hold anything back in reserve, he gave his all and nothing else would be sufficient. That is the philosophy of a person God uses. Nothing is too good for the Lord. He deserves our very best. Like David, we need to be known for the skillfulness of our hands as well as the purity of our hearts.

V. God uses people who have a sense of compatibility.

Being called of God, to have  character, a commitment to Christ and competence in terms of spiritual gifts leads to a sense of compatibility. Our Lord delights in seeing us follow Him and being well matched with the ministry to which God has called us. Not everyone can be an international missionary or a mega-church pastor but each of us can seek to be in the will of God and therefore be compatible to what God called us to do.

The Lord can use all our experiences, our educational credentials and everything within us to shape our sense of compatibility for the specific ministry to which He has led us. The new president of Samford University is fond of saying “God does not waste any experience we have in life. He can use everything that happens to us for His glory”.

Until I reached middle age, I really never saw how can used the experiences of life to shape us into the servant He desires us to become. If we are in step with His Spirit and therefore teachable, then he can use the good, the bad and the ugly experiences of our lives to prepare us for ministry in the present and in the future.

As a young, so called preacher boy, I met an elderly minister who had served so faithfully for Christ. Emment Williams had been the pastor of Berney Points Baptist Church until his retirement almost two decades later. He served as Interim Pastor at my home church and so I visited with him in our community and at the local hospitals. I remember his prayers as much as anything. Often he would prayer, “Lord make me usable and I know you will use me”. How many years or decades has Emment Williams been praying that simple prayer. I don’t know but I do know the Lord answered his prayer.


This property has been known for discriminatory practices against blacks and color people for many years according to other applicants,prospect and current renters.

We were fortunate to meet one of those residents who was very gracious to allow us to see her place,and where extremely opened about what they’re experiencing from the upper management which are the White People.

One of the reason I specifically chose this place to apply was due to one reason.It was based on the complaint are have heard.I personally did applied online and got approved but got hold down for the same reason and once they knew who I was and stand for,it was different work in the can.

I did this to see whether these White People are really taking extreme proud in them treating Black people and color people this cruel way.I can tell you from my experienced and from those videos I have shared on social media.The truth is within the story.


Your church should be more visual and you should know that just by paying attention to what’s happening in the world and social media. People are reading less, scrolling more, and looking at pictures more. 90% of the brain’s information is visual. So we process visual things 60,000 times faster than text. People look at a picture and they get it. When you’re preaching, having a great visual up for a key point you’re trying to make will help people to understand your point faster. If you just have the Bible scripture up there and they have to read it while you’re talking, you’re losing people.

“Making Our vision clear is visually clearing out the vision as a standalone.”

If your church is on social media, which it should be, create great visuals, use it on social, capture people’s attention, and use text to assist the image, not the other way around. I’ll give you a few points here. Visuals capture attention, capture the heart, our brains process it faster, and you’ve got a limited amount of time to capture people’s attention. In your sermons, on the web, and on social media, you want to capture that attention with great visuals. Many churches don’t have staff, which is the thing to consider here. Even without a full-time graphics artist, it’s possible to create great images for your sermon and social media.

“God made visual out of visual he had in his head.We have make visual we have in our head.”Sdwjr

And if you look at Elevation Church, and Life Church, and these bigger churches, just pay attention. For every sermon series, there are great graphics, great social media to go with the series, and they’re really keying in on the visuals. Invest the time to do visuals well at your church. You’ll see the impact over a period of time.

Being Homeless for a Cost And Being Homeless Without a Cost.That’s YOU?

Who would’ve thought that I would called White Police dumb Police when I’ve been a United force between Police and Black Communities during the early 2000’s.I have extreme ultimate respect because I grew up in that environment.

Some things changed after the death of Eric Garner and cruelty of blacks in homeless Shelters across America,especially in New York.I throw my comfort away and embarked on exposing the cruelty in the homeless system and confronting those who manages or runs it.I demanded change.

For me to effectively expose the cruelty I became a homeless person without a cost but for a cost.I became a Homeless Activist within the Shelters System of New York City.Demanding better treatment of Blacks and color people.Exposing the dirty places where blacks where living and the expired food they where serving and the constant cruelty from those workers and security guards who works within the shelter system.

I came to find out that the Shelter System and the White Police system had a cruelty benefit package as I like to called it.Since many of those within the shelters where on parole,running from the law or simply struggling to keep a roof over their heads.I noticed a pattern of behavior that I had to confront immediately.They’ll put fear in those Black people by saying, “We called the Police if you don’t do what we want you to do or cooperate.” That really pisses me off because that is the White Jim Crow way of controlling our people.I had to put stop to it.

Also noticed the Shelter and Police will disclosed or exchange Black people personal informations.I also noticed the White Police will informed the shelter of someone black they think must watched.White Police or Police Department should’ve no personal relationship with the Shelter system or access to Black People personal informations because it causes them to harass them.

Both the DHS and NYPD didn’t like me and my approach.I had both on high alert by constantly exposing them in the streets. White Police brutality and New York City Shelter Cruelty was focus of Activism.I became a notarized figure who was within the system to expose it and destroy anything that with destroy Black People right as human being.

Both United to alienate my personality by making it to look like my reason of being in the Shelter system was due to drug,alcohol or substance abused.One claimed I ruined my life and credit or just plain can’t take it together.Which I didn’t care as usual as long as I am focused on making sure these two deadly forces stop suppressing our Black people.

Due to my actions and constant actions they began to instill change within every New York Shelters and substituted DHS specialists instead of Police to handle homeless people especially black people.

“There are sometimes where you will have to be in it to change it.It made not be comfortable for you but it is definitely comfortable for others which is worth the risk taken for Blacklivesmatter.”Sdwjr

Tamar Braxton Explained Being HOMELESS and PROUD to SAY It.

“I had no idea what my life would look like a few months ago, when I was homeless,” Braxton told fans on Instagram

The singer/songwriter also posted an upbeat update, revealing that she and her son had since secured a place to live. She shared a glimpse of the house in a video posted alongside a heartfelt Easter post.  

“He has RISEN‼️This is my FIRST Easter in Logan and I first home. 🙏🏼 I had No IDEA what my life would look like a few months ago ….( ya’ll not ready for the truth) 😰🙄….BUT just like my Father God always does…he showed up and showed OUT🍀remember with God the impossible is possible. And today, is a reminder of just that. Thank you God for then, loving me enough to die for my sins and also loving me enough to not make me feel like I was forgotten ☺️Trust in God and he will perform miracles🙏🏼“Don’t cheat yourself Treat yourself” I❤️U #happyeaster🐰” the singer wrote.

Tamar offered clarification via a series of tweets, dragging WeTV, the network behind the long-running series, “Braxton Family Values.”

“It wasn’t my son per say, it was what was continuously aired on that network that was effecting my son and reputation. They WOULD NOT terminate working together after I told them it was killing me. Periodt,” Braxton wrote in a series of later deleted tweets

Tamar shared some encouraging news over the holiday weekend, and gave God the credit for helping her to overcome obstacles.

As reported in December, Tamar Braxton sat down with Taraji P. Henson and co-host, Tracie Jade Jenkins, and revealed that she had attempted to take her own life because she thought her 7-year-old son, Logan, would be better off without her. 

Logan was the reason why I made that decision. I just felt like he deserved better. I felt like I was embarrassing him, being a fool on TV,” Tamar told Taraji as she broke down into tears. 

“You thought he would be better without you?” Taraji responded, in shock. 

“I thought in that moment,” Braxton replied.

It appears that Braxton’s career has been at a standstill since she quit her E! reality series. Like many other artists, the performer has been unable to tour due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It appears that she and her son landed in a homeless predicament, amid her personal turmoil.

Tamar Braxton and her son, Logan, were reportedly homeless only a few months ago. The singer and former reality star has evidently experienced a downward spiral, since her split from her ex-boyfriend, David Adefeso.

The Braxton Family Values beauty’s marriage to record executive, Vincent Herbert, ended in a divorce that was finalized in 2019. Her second marriage was officially dissolved the the same year that she split from Adefeso. Braxton’s fans know that Adefeso claimed that she had been violent and abusive

White Police used inappropriate ‘deadly force’ on Floyd: expert

The police officer accused of murdering George Floyd used inappropriate “deadly force” when kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes, an expert told the court in Minneapolis on Wednesday. 

Jody Stiger, a use-of-force specialist testifying for the prosecution, was questioned at the trial of Derek Chauvin, the white officer seen in a phone video kneeling on the neck of Floyd, who was Black. 

The harrowing footage of Floyd’s May 25, 2020 arrest touched off protests against racial injustice and police brutality in the United States and around the world. 

Stiger said that Chauvin’s actions were “deadly force” because Floyd “was in the prone position.” 

“And the pressure… being caused by (Chauvin’s) body weight could cause positional asphyxia, which could cause death,” Stiger said, after being shown images of Chauvin’s actions. 

Asked how much force was reasonable after Floyd was prone, handcuffed and not resisting, Stiger, a Los Angeles police officer, said “my opinion was no force should have been used once he was in that position.” 

“An officer is only allowed to use a level of force that is proportional to the seriousness of the crime, or the level of resistance,” he said. 

Prosecutors are seeking to prove that Floyd’s death was due to asphyxiation, while Chauvin’s defense claims it was due to illegal drugs in Floyd’s system. 

– ‘Stay away from the neck’ – 

On Tuesday, Johnny Mercil, the Minneapolis police’s use-of-force coordinator, said Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck was not an authorized restraint. 

“We tell officers to stay away from the neck when possible. And if you’re going to use body weight, to pin it on their shoulder,” Mercil said. 

Chauvin, 45, who was sacked from the police force after the incident, has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and manslaughter. 

Floyd was arrested on suspicion of passing a counterfeit $20 bill in a nearby store. 

A paramedic testified last week that Floyd, 46, was already dead when he arrived on the scene in an ambulance and that Chauvin was still kneeling on his neck. 

Chauvin, who has been in court every day taking meticulous notes and consulting with his attorney, faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted of the most serious charge — second-degree murder. 

The other three former police officers involved in the arrest — Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng — are to be tried separately later this year.

‘I will not back down’: Gov. Kemp blasts MLB’s decision to pull All-Star game from Atlanta

ATLANTA — Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp held a news conference Saturday blasting the MLB’s decision to pull the All-Star game and draft from Atlanta.

The MLB announced its decision on Friday citing Georgia’s controversial new voting law and saying relocating the events was “the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport.”

Gov. Kemp fired back, calling it a “kneejerk decision” and an “attack on our state.”

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On Saturday, he told Georgians that the MLB caved to pressure and is hurting Georgians who were depending on the game for a paycheck.

“They don’t care about jobs, they don’t care about our communities and they certainly don’t care about access to the ballot box because if they did MLB would’ve announced it was moving it’s headquarters from New York,” Kemp said. “In New York, they have 10 days of early voting. In Georgia, we have 17 … It’s easier to vote in Georgia than it is in New York.”

During the news conference, Kemp reiterated much of what he told Jovita Moore during an exclusive interview on Channel 2 Action News at 6 p.m.

“Major League Baseball has caved to the cancel culture and a bunch of liberal lies, quite honestly. He didn’t cite one specific part of the bill that he disagrees with. And it’s because Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams continue to lie about the Election Integrity Act that I just signed. And I believe for your viewers at home, you might as well get ready because now that they’re coming for your baseball game, they’re going to come after your business, they’re going to come after your way of life,” Kemp told Moore. Click here to read his full interview.


Car belonging to Derrick Hamlin, 22, and his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, 27, who say they were shot at by cops during a March 3 car stop on E. 219th St. and White Plains Road. (Obtained by New York Daily News)

Rather, police sources tell the Daily News, the damage was done by a police officer’s baton. “Shots were not fired,” said Sgt. Jessica McRorie, an NYPD spokeswoman.

But the cops involved are likely still in trouble because they didn’t report their pursuit over their police radio, and never told their supervisor what happened, said police sources. “The incident is under internal review,” McRorie said.

The incident happened around 9:30 p.m., after Hamlin and Wilson dropped off Wilson’s 7-year-old daughter with her grandmother, and drove off to get some sweet chili salmon at a Caribbean restaurant.

Hamlin, who was driving a BMW, had just made a left turn near Bronx Blvd. in Olinville when a marked police vehicle got behind him and pulled him over.

The officers caught up, stepped out with their guns, and ordered the couple out of the car. Hamlin and Wilson are Black, and Hamlin said all the cops they saw were white.

Early the next morning, around 2 a.m. or 3 a.m., Hamlin called a lawyer, Nicholas Ramcharitar, with an urgent request — he thought the cops were looking for them, and they wanted to surrender.

Ramcharitar asked them to hold off while he made some phone calls first. So he reached out to the 47th Precinct, to see if either Hamlin or Wilson were wanted for questioning.

“I called the 47 detective squad, told them they were involved in a police shooting,” he said. A detective told him neither Hamlin nor Wilson were wanted for questioning.

White officer shot 13 years old and concealed thE evIdence.MOTHER WANTS JUSTICE

On the night of March 28, Elizabeth Toledo thought her 13-year-old son, Adam, was finally home. He had returned after days away. She had even called the Chicago police to report him missing. But that Sunday night, she would later tell reporters, she saw him go into the room he shared with his brother.

The next day, he was gone. Ms. Toledo later heard from the police: Adam was dead, fatally shot by a police officer who had chased him into an alley early in the morning on March 29, just hours after she last saw him.

“I just want to know what really happened to my baby,” Ms. Toledo said at a news conference last week, demanding transparency from law enforcement officials and expressing disbelief that Adam — who, she said, played with Legos and rode bikes with his siblings — would end up in what the police called an “armed confrontation.”

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability, an independent agency that handles investigations involving the Chicago Police Department, initially withheld the footage from body cameras worn by the officers involved in the shooting, but now says it plans to release the video. The announcement comes as the nation continues to contend with tensions over police violence, particularly when it comes to Black and Latino residents.

The agency reconsidered after Adam’s family, city and police officials, and activists pressed for the public to see the video. Officials said they were coordinating with the Toledo family so that Adam’s mother could watch the footage before it was shared with the public.

The shooting has tapped into a tide of anguish and frustration in Chicago neighborhoods that have been gripped by recurring gun violence. Chicago, like other American cities, has struggled to stem a surge in shootings during the coronavirus pandemic. In the first quarter of 2021, there were 131 shootings, marking the most violent start to a year since 2017.

Chicago is also a city that has seen the power that video can have in shaping the public’s understanding of a police shooting and galvanizing a community’s outrage. In 2014, a recording from a police vehicle’s dash camera captured Laquan McDonald, a Black teenager, collapsing as a white officer shot him 16 times.

"We Believe All Cultures Matter."

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