Another injured in south Houston shooting,Houston Police is dead

Houston Police officers embrace for a moment of prayer after learning Sgt. Harold Preston died at Memorial Hermann Hospital on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020, in Houston. Two officers were shot by a suspect during a domestic violence call at an apartment complex near El Rio and Holly Hall streets.

Sgt. Harold Preston was watching over a woman whose Tuesday morning plan was to gather her belongings from her estranged husband when her teen son shouted a warning. His father had a gun.

Authorities implied that the husband fired several shots and one struck Sgt. Harold Preston who was on the verge of retirement.Sgt. Harold Preston was watching over a woman whose Tuesday morning plan was to gather her belongings from her estranged husband when her teen son shouted a warning. His father had a gun.

Dumb Police:”My husband didn’t deserve to get shot six times,” Kellogg said.

Family demands justice as Long Island police-involved shooting goes to  grand jury - ABC7 New York

Terry Kellogg, whose husband Walter Kellogg was killed by a Suffolk officer in 2018, said she testified to the grand jury Tuesday at Suffolk District Court in Central Islip.

“I just want justice for my husband and for myself,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Suffolk County District Attorney would not confirm the grand jury investigation because the DA is legally prohibited from discussing anything related to a grand jury.

Terry Kellogg said on December 15, 2018, she called police because her husband was having mental health issues.

Police said when they responded to Kellogg’s home in Shirley, Walter Kellogg was cutting himself with a knife and threatened one of the officers with it.

“My husband didn’t deserve to get shot six times,” Kellogg said.

Kellogg was joined Tuesday by two other Long Island women who said they also had negative interactions with the same officer who killed Walter Kellogg.

Eyewitness News is not naming the officer because he has not been charged in any of the incidents.

Jessica Roger said that in 2012, the officer assaulted her while responding to a domestic incident. She suffered a bloody nose, black eye and bruises.

“This officer should have been taken off the force a long time ago,” she said.

Fran Farley said the same officer threw her to the ground as she attempted to call 911 to report the way he was handling her distressed daughter.

“I went flying onto the floor, hit my hand to brace myself, smashed my knee,” Farley said. “He had no reason to touch me.”

The Suffolk County Police Department confirmed to Eyewitness News that the officer still works within the department. A spokesperson said the department would not be commenting further while the case is before the grand jury.

Breaking News: Minority Shot and Killed by White Suffolk Police in New York

According to Minority people within that neighborhood, they’ve been harassed constantly by Suffolk Police because they’re Minority.”These White Officers will constantly harassed us for no reasons, and they’ll even mentioned to us that they don’t like our skin color.” One said.Residents claimed that they were not shaken up by what had happened within this neighborhood.Residents implied that this isn’t the first and sure believe it isn’t the last that these White Suffolk officers will not shoot and harass one of them again.

One resident stated ,”He didn’t hear a White Suffolk officers telling anyone to put the knife down, but he did see the shots fired on the victim.Many of the residents who are dominantly Minority claims the victim was Tasered and beaten to the point of death,and what they’ve seen is terrifying and they scare for their lives every single day.

Information about what transpired has not been released, and police have only said that a man was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

TRUMP!The Biden Family MUST go to Jailed.

“The worst candidate in the history of American politics.” Trump said.Imagine myself losing to such a guy like that is a complete disgrace.I must as well leave this great Nation because this guy is the worst ever!

‘I’m going to say, I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics.  I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.’Trump

Trump and Biden are set to battle over several key swing states – Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – on November 3. Biden is leading in all of the battleground states, according to polls – but this doesn’t guarantee a victory for the Democratic candidate. The 2016 election polls predicted a win for Hillary Clinton over Trump, but she was defeated in the electoral college.

During his speech, Trump also called for the Biden family to be jailed, based on unsupported claims that Biden’s son Hunter introduced a Ukrainian businessman to his father. Attendees of the rally chanted ‘lock him up’ after the president branded the Democrat a ‘corrupt politician’. Biden campaigned in Detroit yesterday where he criticised Trump’s behaviour during the coronavirus crisis. The President has been reluctant to wear a face covering, even after becoming ill with Covid-19 himself. Biden said: ‘The longer Donald Trump is president, the more reckless he gets.’

POLICE BRUTALITY: Haitian Protesting Against Brutal Police Attacked.President called For Peace.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) —Haitian police on Saturday fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters who blocked roads and set fires in the capital, Port-au-Prince. Several people were injured.

It was the latest unrest during more than a year of protests calling for the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse over corruption charges. Haiti is currently experiencing a political impasse without a parliament and is now run by decree under Moïse.

The president marked Saturday by appealing for unity and laying a wreath on the 214th anniversary of the death of Haiti’s first independent ruler, Jean-Jacque Dessalines.

Many Haitians criticize the government’s pandemic response, alleging that authorities have not done enough to provide treatment for those affected, or offered economic support for those who lost work due to a national lockdown aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the impoverished country.

The police have held their own protests this year, demanding better pay and working conditions. In February, police exchanged gunfire with Haitian soldiers outside the national palace where police were protesting working conditions.

Earlier this year, a scathing United Nations report accused Haitian police of corruption and failing to protect the population.

LIZZO:Is it WRONG for black people to claim fried chicken in front of WHITE people?

So, I’m just curious. What is the consensus here? When white people are around, should we pretend like we don’t know what fried chicken, watermelon, and grape juice are?

Are we only allowed to enjoy & praise these foods in the privacy of our own community? Should we pretend to enjoy more acceptable “white” foods like green bean casserole and ambrosia salad?

What’s the protocol here guys? Just curious to see what everyone’s thoughts on the matter is…….


1.There’s enough evidence in history proving that white people’s opinions are wack anyway so enjoy fried chicken when you feel like it and eat watermelons, they are damn good for you.

Also, I see plenty of white people in the long ass line at my popeyes so…

2.You like what you like.Who gives a damn about them and their faux stereotypes as they turn around and do everything that they ridicule us for.

i gladly order fried chicken in front of white people. why shouldn’t i? it’s delicious.

they eat the hell out of fried chicken themselves. i see it all the time.

3.They front who are up in arms about that are weirdos who care too much about what white people think.

4.I’m not going to pretend to not like something bc white people are idiots. They like that shit too, i’m going to talk about what i like regardless.

5.I don’t care anymore about what ‘they’ think about what we eat. If you’re going to make assumptions about me in 2019 based on a dated stereotype, then I’ll treat you as you are = a fool and an idiot

The White folks took the credit for its creation, while black people were mocked (FRY CHICKEN)

Sdwjr – Journalist

I’d promised myself that as soon as I was old enough, I’d eat fried chicken all the time. Only, by the time I made the move to London in 2000, with its countless chicken shops, I’d read about the inhumane conditions most birds destined for fast-food fryers were subjected to, so my trips to them were rare, often preceded by alcohol and always succeeded by guilt.

Already, I was noticing a pattern. The cheap chicken shops, fronted with happy cartoon chickens, were always concentrated in poorer areas, ones with a bigger black population.

It wasn’t the first time someone used a racist slur against me that went over my head, like the time someone called me a golliwog and I laughed along with them, too young to understand the inference. But with fried chicken it runs deeper.

Historically, chickens held special importance for enslaved black Americans, being the only livestock they were allowed to keep. Black domestic workers would cook fried chicken for their masters and, later, their employers. And then, after emancipation, women known as “waiter carriers” would hawk trays of fried chicken and biscuits to travellers through open windows as their trains stopped in stations.

But while these black cooks and homemakers effectively invented what would become known as southern food, their contribution was erased. The white folk took the credit for its creation, while black people were mocked and parodied merely as greedy consumers. It’s one of the most outrageous examples of cultural theft.

The racist 1915 film The Birth of a Nation, widely touted as the first blockbuster, attempted to paint black people as aggressive, disorganised and untrustworthy. In one scene, elected black officials are seen swigging from whisky bottles and putting their bare feet on tables. And then one man is seen animalistically gnawing on a chicken drumstick. In that one clip, the negative association was cemented.

But while the US was trying to unpick the racist issues surrounding fried chicken, the UK’s Conservative government was stoking the flames. The Home Office’s decision to put anti-knife crime messages on fried chicken boxes perpetuated yet more racist stereotypes about knife crime and chicken shop customers.

It all feeds into that same shame. During a recent podcast recording, I was asked what my final supper would be. As I said “fried chicken”, I couldn’t help hearing an imagined, knowing, “Of course!” in response.

The US comedian Dave Chappelle got it. In one sketch, he mimics white people watching him as he eats some chicken. “Look at him,” they say in amazement, “he loves it just like it said in the encyclopedia.”

But enough is enough. The time has come to start undoing the negative associations and start giving fried chicken its dues. I look to the US chef Edna Lewis for inspiration. In her seminal 1976 cookbook, The Taste of Country Cooking, Lewis, who died in 2006, spoke affectionately of the fried chicken of her childhood. She grew up in Freetown, Virginia, a town founded by freed slaves who included her grandfather.

“In Freetown,” she wrote, “fried chicken was a very special dish. Frying chickens were produced only once a year in late spring through to early summer.”

Imagine, fried chicken so special it was a seasonal dish. I should be proud that this food of my heritage has taken over the world. Yes, its most famous purveyor may be a white, bespectacled moustachioed colonel, but fried chicken is firmly rooted in black innovation and creativity. It should be a source of pride for the African diaspora. That we’ve been bullied and made to feel ashamed of it is one of the biggest outrages in culinary history.

So now, it’s time to admit it. Fried chicken: I love you. And I don’t care who knows.

The US is set to execute the first female in 67 years

Sdwjr -Journalist

On december 8,Lisa Montgomery, who strangled a Missouri woman in 2004 and stole her unborn baby, is scheduled to die by lethal injection at the US penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.She will be the first woman executed by the US government since Bonny Brown Heady in December 1953.

Montgomery, who sliced open the belly of Bobby Jo Stinnett and took her daughter, is the only woman among 55 federal inmates awaiting execution, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

In state prisons, 16 women have been executed since a 1976 supreme court decision lifted a moratorium on the death penalty across the US. The most recent was in September 2015, when Kelly Renee Gissendaner received a lethal injection in Georgia for the 1997 murder of her husband.

“Lisa Montgomery has long accepted full responsibility for her crime, and she will never leave prison. But her severe mental illness and the devastating impacts of her childhood trauma make executing her a profound injustice.”Henry, an assistant public defender in Nashville, Tennessee, said in a statement

Are White People Rejecting Black Voters Ballot,Again

Sdwjr- Journalist

This is one of a number of attempts to suppress the Black votes from African Americans – something that has been a stain on US democracy for decades. The Voting Rights Act was passed 55 years ago to undo a web of restrictions designed to block Black Americans from the ballot box. Now, seven years after that law was gutted by the supreme court, the president is actively threatening it isn’t a free and fair election if he loses.According sources like the Guardian stated

“The African American community, many of them for the first time, are utilizing absentee ballots and have not been cultivated to the practices thereof. There is a level of them being not aware of the process and how it goes and so they’re not filling out their forms correctly,”

Black voters in North Carolina are disproportionately having their mail-in ballots flagged for potential rejection in the battleground state, setting off alarms about disenfranchisement.

In-person early voting began Thursday in North Carolina and Spearman said he would encourage anyone who had their ballot flagged for rejection to forget about casting a new mail-in ballot and vote in person instead. “ I think people will go ahead and do that,” he said.

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“Do it right.Get it right.God’s way.”Sdwjr

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