To ask whites to view black people as human is an impossible request from their structural point of view. If you were in their position you would be the same, because it is impossible to look at Lakeisha or Quintavious and see a human image. What they see is not different to how rats live; congested areas where people live with their dirty in absolute proximity. For blacks to tell them each day that this is not the case, they are shocked. I overheard a conversation at Starbuck between two White people about tenants who lives like rats. He told tenants to clean up after themselves cause the place looks like rats live here. The tenants said, “Do not tell us that we live like rats and in absolute proximity to dirty.” Each time he told them that, they claimed he was racist, and he did understand how naming facts a bad thing could be. But what all Whites forget is precisely that they, as a group, are the cause of the suffering and animalization of black people.

One only needs to look at how cheap a black life truly is to white people by comparing the facts that to killing of unarmed black men across this country. Sunday Times said,” The fact that 34 massacred in broad daylight, and white people never even run a petition online. It should tell us something.” Someone state that black people are worth less than rhinos, white people’s pet are better of than blacks. Here you find the dogs and cats of white people have medical aid, while the black worker does not and can’t afford one. To ask white people to view black people as human is an impossible request. I can’t unroot the underline attitude of white supremacy, white supremacy is the foundation of the black problem, and it is still reproducing itself.

The idea that white people are brought up with that mentality of white supremacy. Those attitudes and behaviors set them above blacks, and the rest of their privilege and advantage over black people. Someone said,” It rests on the reality that each day of their lives from birth, their lived experience as a collective is to be served by blacks.” The colonization along with the apartheid did create poverty, hunger, less education, and basic labor as part of black people identity. They didn’t care if one black person is education or a family or a group was educated and even far educated than whites. Once the majority lived in poverty condition, they’ve achieved their goal. There is no doubt that the recent social media posts by white supremacist referring to black people as animals and the uneducated, dirty masses are mere symptoms of an entrenched phenomenon of racism.

Many are raised with the directly or indirectly to believe that blacks exist so that they can live a better live. The idea that white people are brought up with, the attitude of white supremacy. The psyche of being above the black, from the people who clean their homes, streets and schools; to the people who serve them in restaurants and markets; and those who do all the menial work in the country.  “What, then is to be done? Economic freedom is the only answer to the transformation of the condition upon which white supremacy rests; the day black people attain economic freedom, white people will lack the basis to despise us, and the attitudes to despise will not affect anyone’s access to a means of subsistence.” Sunday Times

Once blacks can build a better economic it will shutdown the whites control of supremacy and interruption of black freedom.

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