Cuba Gooding Jr. openly rants about groping case in NYC hotel…”Another White Woman Again!!!”

Cuba Gooding Jr. posing for the camera: Cuba Gooding Jr. attends the Grand Opening of Marble Downtown hosted by Cuba Gooding Jr. & Anna Rothschild at Marble Downtown in New York City on May 22, 2019.Cuba Gooding Jr. is apparently steaming over the groping allegation that’s been levied against him, and anyone within earshot knows how displeased he is.

Page Six said the “Jerry Maguire” star was openly venting about his legal issues to his friends while hanging out in the lobby of the Bowery Hotel earlier this week.

“He said the woman fabricated the whole thing and that the truth would come out,” an onlooker told Page Six.

Cuba was arrested earlier this month and charged with one count of misdemeanor forcible touching after a woman claimed he groped her at a New York City bar. He has pleaded not guilty.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Cuba Gooding Jr. is arrested in New York City on June 12, 2019. © Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock Cuba Gooding Jr. is arrested in New York City on June 12, 2019. “It was bizarre that he was in the main lounge of the hotel and he was talking about it,” another source told the gossip site. Cuba was even apparently cracking jokes about the hotel’s security cameras, a clear reference to the surveillance cameras at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge that caught the alleged incident on film (his team, however, claims the cameras don’t show anything).

However, Cuba’s foul mood and ranting soon ended, and he was looking to have a good night on the town.

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(via CBS News York)

“After several drinks and an order of fries, he and his friend were trying to find a place to go out after,” the first source said. “He kept checking his phone because they were waiting for a friend, but he really wanted to go out.”

Cuba was also recently seen at a VIP fashion party in the New York area last weekend.

Cuba Gooding Jr. posing for the camera: Cuba Gooding Jr. attends the © Andrew H Walker/REX/Shutterstock Cuba Gooding Jr. attends the The actor’s lawyer, Mark Heller, said Cuba is continuing to simply live his life while the legal situation unfolds.

“His confidence in the legal system and his legal representation has freed him from the anxiety that usually causes defendants in his situation to recoil from society,” the high-profile lawyer said. “As you have noted, Mr. Gooding continues to appropriately interact and socialize as he normally does.”

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