Ciara faces backlash for performing at WorldPride: ‘Promoting something that God is against is wrong’

Todrick Hall and Ciara performed together at WorldPride. (Photo: Instagram)
Todrick Hall and Ciara performed together at WorldPride. (Photo: Instagram)

Ciara is facing backlash from some of her fans after taking part in the opening ceremony of WorldPride on Wednesday night with a performance alongside Todrick Hall.

The Level Up singer took the stage of The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., to join Hall in his performance of Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels, in addition to performing some of her own hits. And while Ciara took to her social media to share her excitement over being a part of the “magical and historic moment,” some of her fans weren’t happy about her participation in the Pride event.

“Wow. What a disappointment…” one person commented in response to the photo of Hall and Ciara. Another wrote, “She is beautiful. He is confused!!”

One longtime fan of Ciara even warned the openly Christian singer against sinning.

“I am so proud and happy for you especially when you started to promote Christianity and the love of God! But I will tell you this out of love and as devout Christian myself, even if it was a video and it was not serious, by you promoting something that God is against is wrong,” the fan wrote. “We are to love yes, but we are not to promote sin! God hates sin!”

Still, plenty of fans came to Ciara’s defense, and even praised her for showing an inclusive side to Christianity.

“I just LOVE that a woman who identifies as Christian, embraces all diverse humans, embraced her sexuality, embraces her boldness and is FIERCE!” one person wrote.

Commented another: “You showed out and showed so much love to my community! I am so grateful that my fave is inclusive!”

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