Gov. Andrew Cuomo CRACKED HEAD BABY CHILD!!…Many religious folks called him THAT!!

Religious leaders around the world have condemn the governor for signing into law riskless gay laws that damage the value of this Nation. Why other thinks he did it cause he is power greedy and will do anything to have power. He felt like signing into law gay rights will definitely guaranteed his job security. Andrew Cuomo is considered by many religious folks as a puppet, who will play and be play with at anytime once  it keeps him into office. As many religious people will say and having been saying, he doesn’t have any basic moral values as most governors that serve New York.

He has signed so many laws since he been in office and some of those laws don’t make sense but since he is a puppet, he does it any ways. He also claimed his poll rating had drop when mentioned or signed same sex marriage in New York.

Cuomo was one of the first governors to sign same-sex marriage legislation. But that was seven years ago, and time seems to have blurred his memory of the details.

The bottom line is that legalizing same-sex marriage in New York was an easier lift than Cuomo remembers, not exactly the David-and-Goliath struggle he’s describing in hindsight.

When I passed marriage equality, I went down in the polls’

We couldn’t find any polls in which Cuomo’s approval or favorable rating suffered from his signing of the Marriage Equality Act.

In two reputable polls tracking New York politics (Quinnipiac University and Siena College), Cuomo’s numbers actually went up in the months after he signed the bill. Pollsters said Cuomo was buoyed by his response to a pair of tropical storms in late summer 2011.

Let’s unpack this.

In the Quinnipiac poll, Cuomo had 56 percent approval and 15 percent disapproval in February 2011. By June 1, weeks before he signed the same-sex marriage bill, his net approval rating had risen to 61-18. Days after signing the bill, Cuomo inched up to 64-19 in a June 29 poll.

The Marriage Equality Act took effect in July 2011. In the next Quinnipiac poll, taken Aug. 10, Cuomo’s numbers had declined to 62-22. But the drop was largely inside the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 2.4 percentage points, and in the following months, after the storm surges, Cuomo’s approval rating bounced back up to 66-17 in September, 65-19 in October and 68-17 in December.

There more incorrectness in his claimed as stated above, and as religious leaders have said time and time again, he doesn’t have any moral values. He doesn’t have any faith that holds him accountable, so he does whatever and signed whatever like a child on drug. The best way to describe Andrew Cuomo is this……CRACKED HEAD BABY CHILD!!

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