Gay and trans soldiers say they were abused in South Korean military. “Disgraceful conduct under South Korean military law.”


“To keep the military community sound and given the special nature of military discipline, sexual relationship with same sex soldiers are being punished as “disgraceful conduct under military law.” South Korean Military

law regards same-sex relations between soldiers as “disgraceful conduct,” akin to sexual assault. This clause has been upheld as constitutional by South Korean courts in the past, but is currently being challenged again in two ongoing cases by former conscripts.

“The fact that nearly half of the population does go through military service really has an impact on broader society,” she said.” The military environment makes it okay to discriminate against LGBTI people, and so then it becomes sort of a tacit approval that can continue outside and in broader society.”

While there has been progress made for LGBT rights in South Korean society at large, the military has been slow to catch up.
Despite a military directive passed in 2009 calling for greater protections for gay soldiers, LGBT conscripts still face suspicion, harassment and prosecution under Article 92-6 of the Military Criminal Act, which makes sexual activity between men punishable by up to two years in prison.

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