Report: North Korea will maintain nuclear arsenal for decades

SEOUL, July 12 (UPI) — North Korea will maintain its nuclear arsenal for the next two decades and the United States’ insistence on its rapid disarmament is an “unrealistic goal,” according to a report by the Federation of American Scientists presented in Seoul on Friday.
“There is no mix of economic, diplomatic or military pressure that can verifiably eliminate North Korea’s arsenal on acceptable terms in the next few years,” read the report, which was produced by a study group on North Korean policy at the Washington, D.C.-based think tank. “North Korea will in all likelihood remain nuclear-armed and under the control of the Kim family for the next two decades.”

The report claims that a single-minded focus on disarmament has overlooked other threats from North Korea, including “the risk of conventional war, ballistic missile proliferation, contagion of infectious disease and the continued suffering and repression of the North Korean people.”

The authors call for a new, long-term strategy in dealing with a nuclear-armed North Korea that looks to manage risks and maintain stability while working toward economic, humanitarian and diplomatic engagement.

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