It seems like the word RIGHTS have been taken away from African Americans in this country. As one fellow told me,that African Americans were not citizen of this country. I said to him that they were and he convinced me that they can’t be because how they’re treated by the constitution of this Nation.He further said the constitution didn’t considered legitimate citizen.I started to rethink each and every words that he said to me and I began to compare it to the situation I am dealing with daily as an Activist.Plus the unwanted killing of African American by White Officers across this country. All this things are beginning to make sense and support what that fellow told me that they’re citizen.

The situation that did occurred at Jamaica ave in Queens,New York has reinforced within my mind what he was meant that they’re not citizen of this country.When a man, who is an African American male says to a White Police officers that he don’t need to be touch or a service,it should be respected beyond everything.Also,how he was handled when he didn’t do anything wrong while he was preaching about Jesus Christ, it tells me something that White Police officers don’t respect the RIGHTS of African Americans.It is getting more and more clearer that African Americans really don’t have a right in this country. They don’t have the right to decided anything or do anything of their own without it been monitored by someone else.

For these people to be treated like they’re stranger after what their ancestors have done for them in this country, it is beyond believable.The least thing they should get for the most part should be their basic human right. A right that all human is entitled to by God on this earth.From what I have realized for almost 20 realistic years,I’ve noticed that White People and others who comes into this country,they don’t respect African Americans.They all think that they’re better and superior.I didn’t understand why they will act or think like that but as I dug myself into deeper inquiry, I discovered that White America don’t want anybody to partner or engage or try to help African Americans in any form.

They want these people to be segregated,deprived, and unproductive for the rest of their lives since they want equality across this country.Since they don’t want to be second class as others, they deserved to be treated without respect as human being but as animals.I see how these White Officers and White America handle African Americans.They treat them like they will never be close to them or equal to them in anyway possible. It is shown almost in everything they do.



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