“God puts wealth in the hands of people who vision is bigger than themselves.”Pastor SdwJr

“Want to have MONEY then You’ve to watch Your Habits. That’s the ceiling to organic wealth.”Pastor SdwJr

Most people claim to want success. But not everyone is willing to do the hard work and the smart work to get there. They aren’t discipline or focus,especially with the smallest things GIVEN. A truly successful individual don’t leave much as a chance. They constantly seek new methods to achieve more, in bigger and faster ways. Let’s get to our list 7 of right mindsets.

1. Live By Rules -{I mean your rules}  

Really successful people live by rules. They may not be the rules of others, but consistency is important for them to maintain power and stability. Their views of how the world works is the basis for how they believe people should be treated and they will defend it unto death. Determine your ethical lines and broadcast them loud and clear so people around you know where you stand.God puts wealth in the hand of people who vision is bigger than themselves.

2. Focus on Time Efficiency

Prioritization is a key component of time. You can’t reach your pinnacle if you are wasting money on distractions. Integration of activities frees up time for greater achievement. Spend your time on activities that are fun, enlightening and productive and soon you’ll have gained hours to reap the benefits of success.
Ultimately, really successful people live their lives by design instead of default, so if you want to be one of them, dedicate time and effort to determining the plan for your preferred future and execute that plan in a focused and consistent manner.

3. Make Materialism Irrelevant

Who is telling you to equate success to appearance and material possession? I hope it isn’t your church leaders or people in your inner circle. How many of us feel that pressure coming from people. Let me say this,Fancy cars and houses are all well and good, but many foolishly focus on the by products of success, rather than concentrating on building sustainable success in the first place. Establish a bare minimum for your material needs, and then you can enjoy the benefits of success, DEBT and STRESS FREE. The less material minded you become the more focus the closer you can enjoy life.

4. Be Active Learner

Have you wonder why some people don’t try too hard but they attract success faster than those who do try harder?Success comes faster to those who are open, active learners. The higher up the success ladder you climb, the more complex the systems and opportunities that are presented to you. Absorb all the information you can and if you sense a gap you can’t fill, connect with people who have the knowledge you need.

5. Watch Relationship Expectations

People in your life require time. Successful individuals attract folk and so they have to carefully regulate the time they can spend with others. It’s hard to limit the time you share and still make people feel important. Make choices about the people who matter to you and determine how you each can get value from your interactions. Then make sure they understand your limitation so they don’t take it personal when you can’t be available. If you keep it simple with folk then they wouldn’t feel bad if you don’t show up when they expect you. Learn to draw line with some relationship so you would be obligated when you got other engagement essential to you.

6. Practice Emotional Self-Awareness

Keep this in mind not all successful people are calm and nice. How you know is by what they promote. They only promote their interest like their self or Ministry and not other Ministries. They saturate themselves with their own needs.In fact, many can be volatile. But most are very aware of their tempers and idiosyncrasies. They know how to use their emotions to get what they want from life and work hard to make sure feelings don’t become a detriment. Know yourself and learn how to let your emotions work for you in positive ways. The bible says “we should be wise”.

7. Gain Clarity About Spirituality

There are many highly successful people like Richard Branson and Warren Buffett who don’t consider religion to be important or relevant. But they have a clear point of view as to the role spirituality plays in their life. Find your own way to be at one with GOD and be clear and deliberate in how you practice. Don’t be ashamed to tell the world what God done for you.

Lastly, The most fulfilling desires in the world are those things most people consider disgusting.I hope what I did share help someone who wants some direction. I am a successful person and I want you to be successful as well. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as lord and savior, you can ask him into your life now so when true success comes you would be complete…Contact me Sdwjr.blog

“Want to have Much then You’ve to watch Your Habits. That’s the ceiling to organic wealth.”Pastor Sdw,Jr.

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