New York Times Reports that City University of New York banned black Activist Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr.


Queensborough Community College (QCC) is one of the two-year colleges in the City University of New York system that banned its student activist for socially and politically expressing his interest and support for Hon.Minister Farrakhan.The college claimed that the activist by the name of Samuel Wilson entering into the admission office demanding that his major be corrected.According to the report we’ve gathered from New York Times, he tried to grab a paper that had his informations on it from the hands of the administrator, and he later on proceeded to send a picture of her child and husband with a message that says,”Do you want anyone to forge the signature of your husband and child?”

As we inquire from sources who knows the activist stated that he had be complaining to the institution for continue abuse,neglect and discrimination and there were no responds to his complain. At one point he was called a NIGGA by the chief of Police at Queensborough and that complaint didn’t get investigated.Another situation happened on campus, where a White teacher disclosed to a female black student that Mr. Wilson was very dangerous, and she must stay away from him. That complaint was filed and nothing came from out of it.

Situation after situations and complaint after complaints and there were no respond from management on campus.He had being profile and racially discriminated against simply because he supported Islam leader called Hon.Louis Farrakhan. New York Times Sources have stated that NYPD have worked with the institution to go against Mr.Wilson since he is constantly protesting against them.They were also upset that he protested the firing of NYPD of who shot Eric gardner.

Mr. Wilson has been falsely accused by a White female who works at America Work in Jamaica,Queen that Mr.Wilson didn’t like her because she is White.She told the NYPD in Queen, New York who believed her and proceeded to profit and follow Mr.Wilson everywhere he goes.Today, those lies have shifted the place of how police operates in the city of New York. To be con’t.



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