The Founder of Face Of Christ Ministries (F.O.C Ministries) base in the United States.

cropped-pastor2019.jpgAt the age of 12 years old, he told his parents that he wanted to travel the world and represent black and color people who can’t represent themselves.When he became a teenager, he was well known by many as an influencer and professional athlete, and as he played across different parts of the world.He used his influence to help people get the help they needed and vindicated for others to get out of long prison sentences.He had helped families in  cities like Minnesota, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, NewYork,Connecticut,Alabama,Wisconsin,Chicago,California,Las Vegas,New Jersey,Houston and etc, advocating for people rights and freedom.He worked with a public school district that got the highest recognition from President Obama and Gov. Mark Dayton, whom he met as well, and many well know public figures in our society.He has been influenced by Malcolm X,Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela

A turning point in his life, as he was

driving one tonight coming from a social event, he felt kind of tire and felt asleep the gas station.As he felt asleep, he heard a voice telling him, you’re not winning souls for the KINGDOM OF GOD.He immediately got up from his sleep and drove home, and did business as usual.After few years had past, he got in a situation that wasn’t his fault, and while he was trying to figure out what when wrong.He heard the same voice speaking to him, you’re not winning souls for the KINGDOM OF GOD.He ignored the voice again, and eventually everything when down hill in his life.He lost everything he had and got into an accident twice and it left him on crutches.

As he was trying to figure out way to get back on his feet, someone broke into the garage and stole his truck with everything in it, and few days later” he got a called that the truck was impounded and he couldn’t afford to get it out..Now was left at the mercy of his family, who told him that he will have to leave because they were about to move in the next few days, and he needed to find a place.Since everything was falling apart, he decided to catch a nap, and he heard the voice saying to him, you’re not winning souls for the KINGDOM OF GOD.He said,” Well, show me how to win souls,I don’t understand what you are telling me.” As two weeks passed, he was crossing the road, and he heard a lady saying,”We need a camera man in the Church right now.” he responded,” I don’t know how to work a camera”,and she said,” I teach you, come on.”

She left him with the camera and never came back and he was standing there watching the Bishop speaking about, God don’t make mistake and that he knew us as we were in our mother’s belly and that he has created us for a particular task, and nobody is leaving out of here until they answer that call. At this point, he was looking through the view lens of the camera watching the Bishop.What he later realized the camera was set correctly on the Bishop, and he didn’t have to touch it, but just stand and monitor it.As he was about to walk out, he heard the Bishop calling him up,” Come from behind the camera and answer the call of God upon your life.He wants you to go across the world and preach the gospel.”

He turned in my direction and said let’s put our hands together and welcome our newly brother into the Kingdom of God.Those were the same exact words he have been hearing over the past few years.As he pointed, in his direction, everyone was looking in his direction at him.Bishop said,”I want to welcome you into the Kingdom Of God with a open arms, are you ready to be apart of the Kingdom Of God?” He said, YES! He told him to repeat a prayer of Salvation and after that he got the baptism in the water.

He attended the New Life Church Bible School, and after he got done, and University of Northwestern for Biblical Studies. He started traveling from cities to cities preaching the gospel, worked with many different Preachers like Bishop Eddie Long,T.D.Jakes, Dr.Tony Elvis, Joel Osteen Ministry,C.O.G.I.C, Full Gospel Pentecostal Church,ELIM Ministry,Shiloh Temple,In’t, New Life Church and etc.He served in position as Regional overseer,Pastor, Elder, and Director.

Today, he is still traveling and working with Ministries, street teams and social justice organizations with Christ as the focus.God called him the Face Of Christ (F.O.C.)

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