Cop says NYPD orchestrated revenge for arrest of ‘well-connected drunk….THEY SET ME UP

“I lost the love for this job after seeing how dirty they are,” Stokes, 40, told The Post.

It started as just another police DWI stop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side — a gold, two-seater Audi with three people crammed inside, including a driver who reeked of booze

“I wouldn’t even want my kids to be a cop anymore,” said the dad of seven, who has filed a notice of claim alerting the city he intends to sue it, the NYPD and the Manhattan district attorney for $100 million.

On the day he pulled over the Audi, Stokes was a decorated, 12-year veteran, a “training officer” who taught new cops the ropes at the 7th Precinct.

In legal papers, Stokes says the NYPD has orchestrated a campaign of revenge against him, ­including a harrowing Internal Affairs sting, a demotion and the leaking of false accusations that he was a dirty cop — all, he says, because he arrested a well-connected drunk.

But when Officer Joseph Stokes pulled over the fancy sports car at 5 a.m. on April 19, 2018 — and the driver allegedly spat out, “I’m going to make you f–king pay!” and flashed phone photos of himself with top police brass, including then-Commissioner James O’Neill — the cop’s life was forever changed.



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