NEW YORK TIMES….NAACP Defend Sdwjr, a Social Activist, who FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS was VIOLATED by New York College and University (CUNY)


cropped-newyorktimes.pngCalling him the radical of the late Malcolm X isn’t America.”NAACP

In 2017, my client (Samuel Wilson) was falsely accused of speaking against a White Teacher at American Works in Jamaica, he was approached by my few Queens detectives and constantly followed by the NYPD because of his response to the teacher’s comments. According to few reliable sources at American Works, he became a different person after her racist comments about his place of birth and food to be unhealthy and those that are from that part of the region have serious health problems.

My client arose and told the teacher that it was very racist of her to attack other people’s origin and place of birth, especially if she was just going off what they have given her to teach. He said,” I suggest you try to learn another culture on your own instead of reading what is given you.Plus, we don’t have time to sit in this class and listen to a White Racist condemning another race.We are from those very regions, and don’t have any health issues.” He proceeded to tell management about her remarks and they told him that they will inform authority regarding the situation and get back to him but that never happened. The teacher claimed she wasn’t safe around other students as well as him and needed protection.I forgot to mention this part, he was required to do these classes if he wants to keep receiving public system.Therefore he had no choice but to be at that program dealing with the constant ill behaviors from those staffs. Due to the constant ill behavior of staff in the program, people he knew in the program told him to get away from the hate and tension that he was receiving, so he dropped out of the program and started the entire thing all over at another site.

In that process he found a job‹‹‹‹‹$››,and that automatically got him off the program for now.My client who was on his way to work was approached by a few White Detectives who identified themselves as working for the NYPD that they’re monitoring his every move since he called a White person racist.” He said,”You don’t have to tell me you are following me, and I don’t care what you do.I have the right to stand up for myself and my people who are black.” Those detectives told him “He was walking on dangerous grounds speaking against whites.”

From that encounter with the NYPD, my client has been going through extreme stress and pressure, and that led to his job firing him. He ended up getting back on welfare and when he reapplied for benefit, it was cut to $23.45 Cent from 97.00 a week.He tried to find out why it was drop because his condition hasn’t change and as well the shelter on 65 Charles Gay Loop Wards in New York.The answer he got was they don’t know and there is no indication as to why it was reduced.One of the social workers I don’t want to mentioned told my client that it was because of the stated he made that called White people racist.

With barely any cash and deducted food, it began to take a serious life stress on my client, and work programs that were supposed to connect him with work refused to do so because they were told that he called White People racist.At one point, a Director at a day program,I don’t want to mention told him that their hands are tied, and the best thing he should do is finish up more college degrees. My client enrolled into Queensborough Community College to finish up more associate degrees and eventually transfer to  either at John Jay or New York University.His end goal was to become a lawyer or Cyber Analyst.

While on campus during his freshman year, students and friends of his told him what they were hearing bad stuff about him on campus from administrators and teachers.One known story came when his Math instructor told a female friend in his class “That my client is dangerous and racist toward White People and she should stay away from him.” My client was also called, “Black Gangster against White people” by the campus Police Chief.My client filed those complaints with the college disciplinary department and nobody did anything to fix it.

With the constant unwelcoming behavior of the teacher, Security guard and school administration raised tone each time he asked them a question about something he didn’t understand, they will make a comment like you should’ve learned this on your own. A tension continued to build on campus between my client and the college, he approached the admission of to change a mistake they made on his enrolled as his major.They had telecommunication as his major and that wasn’t his major. He picked computer science and information security.They told my client there is nothing they can do about it and he either continues learning or gets kicked out of the school. My client said if that is the case I will rather get kicked out of the college then to have that as my major.

With the build up of tension already existing, they called campus security on my client that he was loud and demanding and interrupting other students.Before the called  was made they told my client that they couldn’t change it at the college.He will have to go downtown at CUNY head office to make that change.My client asked them to give him the address and they refused and told my client they’re not allow to because of security reasons. him into the building because of security reasons. My client said, “I will google it and get to the bottom of this, somebody will have changed that to what I am going to school for at this college.” While my client was walking out of the campus, he met a few security guards heading in his direction and he told them the call was made because he asked them to change the mistake they made on his degree.

My client got a letter from the Vice President of student affair that he was suspended, and cited to disciplinary hearing because they heard that he pulled a paper and threw a pen at the people who was talking to him, and the email he send a staff that states, “if it was your family member will you not want them to change or fixed the mistake.”

Prior to all of this situation that have happened, my client already has racial discrimination case pending against the members of the college that when no where, and since he kept pressuring the college they wanted to get him off campus.

Let keep this in mind, my client is a dean list student with 3.7 gpa.

They knew what they were doing because my client was homeless and can’t afford a lawyer.Plus, he is black and have been label as calling White people racist by NYPD.So they knew the odd was against my client.But anyways, he came to the hearing without a lawyer, and he asked them why nobody is talking about my claims that I filed against members of this college? Why are we discussing my right to request a change of major they made on my degree.If we can’t discuss my pending situation at this college then we are not talking.My client walked off. They did what they did and expelled my client from Queensborough and all CUNY University. He needs justice!!


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