White people dress up in reasonableness almost or everyday

I believed that nobody knows White people more than I do.The only other person who knows them more than I do must be the creator of the universe.With the out of the way, let dig deep into why most people called white people, “The Devil”, and as laughable to me as it sounds, it still tells me they still don’t really know White people.
White people dress up in reasonableness almost or everyday.Since they suit up in reasonableness,we might hear speeches like: 1.We have to keep our neighborhood safe. 2.Protect our children 3.Ensure the our neighborhood is monitored and secure.

Even a nobody will agree to a safe and secure neighborhood or let’s say who doesn’t want a safe and secure neighborhood.Also who don’t want to protect our children wherever they’re?They will even say something like America is a land of opportunity and those who work hard will enjoy it and be free.Well we all know that is partially true.

Whites are considered as a seldom effect that travels  through the State,legislature,congress,judiciary,institutions, and community board.It doesn’t come across physically as violence and Infact,it isn’t recognize as violence at it all.As I stated it is very seldom and very dubious.

”The presence of black people isn’t a tricker of White rage.”Carol Anderson

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