“We think of Whites as the people of opportunity, and if we please them as hard, we might live the American dream and be free always.GOOD LUCK!!!”Sdwjr

Most people have believed  that White people don’t like black people.As an Activist, I have spoken those exact words myself, but as I began to study what trickers White rage,I realized Black people in general wasn’t their tricker point. Infact White rage isn’t tricker by black people presence. As stated,”The presence of black people isn’t the tricker for White people.” Carol Anderson

I have studied white people like the back of my hands and I know what trickers White rage.Since I know White people that well,I have recognized their seldom signs.I have dealt with it on numerous occasions as being in a close relationship or Just being a black and driven person.

White rage must be these following things I discovered at my University.What trickers White rage is the presence of a black person who is ambitious.White people are outrage over black people who are ambitious in whatever they put their hands to do.

The presence of black people with drive.White people don’t want to see black people driven about anything.They see that as a threat towards them.Black person with aspiration, white people don’t do too well with aspiring, especially if it has to do with a black person who knows themselves.

A black person who is achieved, let’s say an achievable black person is a prime target for White people.They will seldomly or secretly do anything in their power or out of their way to tarnish or destroy that person repetition or influence.They will try to hinder their financial capital if they can.

A black people who refuses to be subjective to White people in any way or form is an automatic target.Those people will be their enemies.White people hate anyone who refuses to submit to their  tangerine rules or ideologies.

Lastly, a black person who demands human rights.Who speaks in a manner at all times that exposes  White people.They are definitely an enemy.I know because I am an activist who speaks against White people almost everyday.They are outrage over my influence and my ability to speak against racial injustices that exposes Whites.

White rage is what we see through the State legislation,Congress,judiciary,institutions, and legality. Many people don’t see it as White rage because it very seldom, quiet and dubious. As carol Anderson stated, ”It is corrosive and quiet.” 
”I believed that nobody knows White people more than I do.The only other being that does must be the creator of the universe.”SdwjrSdwjr.

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