Blue Ivy’s Big Reveal Is Perfect After a Paparazzo Asks What’s in Her Bag

051F96B8-4C03-4A79-87A9-17C6D0C829DCBeing eight years old already comes with its own set of challenges.

Of course, being the offspring of music industry legends Beyoncé and Jay-Z presents another slew of unique challenges. For example, watching a basketball game with your dad suddenly becomes a photo op for all the paparazzi in the stands foaming at the mouth. Ethics be damned.

Blue Ivy attended the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Clippers game last Sunday with her dad, during which she showed off her blossoming style with a custom denim jacket and Fendi combat boots. While exiting the stadium, a nearby paparazzo badgered the musician-in-the-making with an unnecessarily urgent question.

“How much was in the bag?” the pap yelled over the noise of the stadium, pointing at a small clutch Blue was holding. “How much was in there?”

Blue looked confused, but only for a second. “Nothing,” she replied, shrugging. “There’s nothing.” Are you happy now?

A cuter moment occurred earlier during the game when Blue got to meet Lakers player LeBron James. At first, she was too shy to approach the six-foot-nine basketball champ and instead asked her dad to get her an autograph, according to a clip shared by ESPN. Jay-Z encouraged her to ask on her own.

“You want a ball from me?” James told Blue. “OK, I got you. … You got school on Monday? By the time you get out of school on Monday, you’ll have it.”

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