SDWJR BUZZ: ‘Cussing In His Head’: Marjorie Harvey Fans Claim Steve Harvey Looks ‘Lost’ After She Makes Him Pick Fruit

Seen Around Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4Marjorie took to Instagram on Sunday, March 22 and posted a video that showed her and The “Kings of Comedy” comedian outside picking fruit from their garden behind their home. She led her husband — both dressed in sweats and sneakers — to the garden and showed him which fruits were ready to be picked from the tree.

steve harvey
Marjorie and Steve Harvey @marjorie_harvey/Instagram

“Only the ones that are real real orange, look at these,” the mother of three said to her husband. Steve tread lightly on the garden and wandered behind his wife. He picked up a fruit and walked around the garden, seemingly in a daze.

Marjorie recounted the moment, writing in her social media post, “Week 1 Daddy helping me pick fruit today 🍊🍋 Boost your immune…..Vitamin C Stay safe 🙏🏾 I know y’all never thought that you would see Steve doing this 😂 #Harvey’s.”

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