Black Activist Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr.Networth,Early Life, and Career

cropped-pastor2019Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr. net worth: Samuel.D.Wilson, a public figure, Pastor, television personality, actor, author, fashion designer, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $350 Thousands. He earned his living from Ministering and Entrepreneurship.He is one of the highest-paid Black Activist  in the world.

Early Life: Born in Maryland on April 19, 1982. He is one of four children. Wilson and members  of his brothers and sister couldn’t get alone due to jealousy on their part toward him. The other three family stayed in New York, Minnesota and North Dakota. At fifteen, he ,became a model of basketball players, and continued to do so all through high school, and college. He also started going on several trips across Africa playing basketball for commercials and movie roles. Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr. attended Rock International, Carver Mission and Williams v.s.Tubman.and then attended University of Liberian and Northwestern University and School in Britain.

Career: Before Wilson started of as Pastor working with different churches, he had appeared on few TV shows in Minnesota. In 2008,Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr gained national fame as an Activist, as well as his time as attending Pastoral School in Minnesota. Wilson decided that enough is enough, and walked off the office of Pastoring in street as an Activism. There were a lot of tension between White Police and Black communities, which may have contributed to his decision to leave Preaching. Wilson was the founder of the charity which he supports, Sdwjr Relief, which focuses on homelessness and domestic abuse children across the world.

Samuel.D.Wilson,Jr has made guest appearances on many television shows, such as The TBNetwork,WCCO,KARE 11. He has also been a guest on the Talent search Live as a host.He was scheduled to launch his own air Show called Sdwjr’s Show  but he changed his mind.

Wilson has met with many elite people in society and that include Governor of Minnesota and few Senators and law maker across world as well.He done few acting gigs and have worked with many well known Gospel Singer like Jovonta Patton

On July 28, 2010, Leakes launched the FOC Label called FOC Music for the promotion of positivity.

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