Opportunity is like a pistol that many points to the head


Written by Sdwjr
“As great as the mind can be,we down size it to one thing and that is opportunity.”Sdwjr

Opportunity is like a pistol that many look for around the house or else where and they end up getting shot or shooting others.”Cease every opportunity.”I have heard these words so many times, I am sick of it.Why must anyone live a life solely on basics of opportunities or ceasing one.

first of all,I don’t believe in such a thing as opportunity,and that’s my personal opinion.I don’t believe that opportunity is affiliated with life.I don’t believe such a thing exist in the world.Again,that is my opinion.I don’t believe that life will deem it fantastic to know that opportunity is claiming it as being in a partnership.

When I tried to fathom Opportunity that it exists, it appears like I am emerging my mind to pick up a weapon that will seeks to destroy  me and others as well.Just mentioning or  thinking of opportunity, it sounds like some fairy tail story that many have in their minds.Opportunity is surreal in that it never truly happened, but people want to cease every movement of it.

Earnestly, it must be giving others the feeling of  hope that it will or might happen as long as they at it and doing what must be done to get it.Imagine how many people live their lives on the hope of opportunity that it will happen and they will become this or that.Do people even know where the word opportunity comes from? They don’t even know and probably don’t care to know as long as they have steroids.

There are people who lives their entire lives on the basics of opportunity and never realized that such a thing is a delusion or fair tale that keeps their hopes up without a possibility of actually coming to fruition.Many seeks  after it with all they got from the head to their toes.literary,investing and hoping that it happen.The harsh reality is that it isn’t true.

Best to begin investing and hoping into the possibility of what you striving to become will be a reality. Possibility is contingent on what we put in like  time and energy that is necessary to make it what must happen do happen.

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