She might be clone and probably don’t realized it


Written by Sdwjr

Life is an island that is built or made for those who don’t fear the trials of life.While on a travel in California I came across a friend, who I’ve been knowing for almost 15 years. She is the most negative person in the world that I know.She never ever mentioned anything positive about life and herself and it bothered  people who knows her very well, like me

Amazingly,She came from a home of extreme love.Her family were very loving people and amongst her siblings, she was the most lovable child of them all.But some where along the way she fell off and lost every self esteem.It became worst to the point that she will only post negative things on her social media page.Her Facebook was so depressing that we all thought she might be truly losing herself, if help isn’t available right now.

There have been recommendations that she seeks help from people in her family, people from her church and professional but to no avail.Those advises went through one ear to the next.People have reached out to help because she is a good person but she has given up on herself.Worst case scenario she didn’t want to tell anyone what had happened to her that turned  herself against herself.

I pulled into the park lot and guess who I saw walking in the park lot, it was Ashley.I wasn’t too sure it was her but I still follow her and from a distance I said, hello Ashley! She turned around and said, who are you? I said your good friend,Sdwjr! She said,What? You live in LA? I said, you know I don’t sit still I am always traveling the world.I said what are you up,Ashley? She said, I was going to do my hair and nails for the show tonight.I said go ahead and take care of that beauty of yours.

Around 8pm, she called me and said, do you want to be my date for the night? I said you know I will never turned you down for no reasons, but I will be there before you think.She said, l will come pick you up because you don’t know where the event is taking place and I don’t want you lost.

We both dressed to impressed and I will tell you that she didn’t look like the Ashley that I knew or we knew who was posting  negative stuffs out of her mind.As we were driving, she began to talk like she wasn’t the same person  we all thought she needed help.Infact,it was the primary reason I took the offer to go with her, so I can put some senses  back into her head.

I asked her what has changed over the  many years,wow, you look good and really amazing.You don’t look like the person who was posting negative stuffs about life and how you wanted to died and how life is worthless.She looks at me and smile and said, that person is dead.I said,ok,what do you mean? She said, exactly as I said it.I kind of quiet for few minutes and I steered at her again and she looked at me and said, she is dead and never will come back, so let stop talking about her.

We got to the event and I can tell you she didn’t lie about the dead of Ashley.I don’t know if she buried her alive or dead.I know she did something to that Ashley. I watched her do her thing like nobody would and I was amazed how she represented herself.I listened to all the people she talked to and her mannerisms were beyond explanation.I was blown away by that.

After the event we decided to stop at Starbucks and grabbed coffee and chat.I admitted to her that I was checking her out all through the night.As I am telling her, she was steering at me and smiling.What were you checking out? said Ashley.I was making sure that Ashley was really dead as you said. So what do you think? she said.I am just glad that she is dead and you are alive because we all worried about your well being.

Look,Ashley wasn’t fortunate to start life up in a good faith and it treated she the worst.She came across life thinking it was the same as home but she realized it the hard way.Everything around her treated her like she was a reject,useless,powerless,hopeless and nobody wanted her.She had a good heart but that heart got ripped, bruised and torn apart like a lion ripping through a deer.Ashley entire life was no good and herself was any good.The best she could do was to asked God to take her life away and he did, said she.

You sounded like you believed in reincarnation.I wondered if you do believe in it? She said, I believed that if you asked God for help sincerely and beyond every reasonable doubts, he will answered and changed that situation.So to answer your question, I don’t believed in it but I believed God works as is.So you telling me that you believe in transformation by faith in a God?She said,I believe in Christ Jesus’ transformation, if that answer your question.So let me get this straight, you have a true believe in the dead and resurrection of Christ Jesus? I have to because that is the only source that could redeem or transformed the old Ashley to the new.

She dropped me off at my hotel and I immediately said to myself,what can’t God do.He can change anyone and anything provided if they believed in him.For the two weeks I was in LA, from what I saw,I believed that God was at work in Ashley’s life.Today,she is married with two children and serving God across the the Philippine as a Missionary.







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