Iyanna Mayweather Could Face 99 Years In Prison For Stabbing At NBA Youngboy’s House


Iyanna Mayweather, the 19-year-old daughter of boxing icon Floyd Mayweather, may be facing some serious time behind bars over an incident at her rumored boyfriend NBA Youngboy’s house earlier this month.

Mayweather was arrested on Saturday, April 4 for allegedly stabbing a woman named Lapattra Jacobs, who shares a child with Youngboy, at his Houston home. The incident started around 1:30am, when Mayweather arrived at Youngboy’s house and demanded Jacobs leave. Jacobs refused, and the two got into a physical altercation which moved to the kitchen. That’s where Mayweather reportedly stabbed Jacobs twice with two different kitchen knives.

Jacobs was taken to the hospital to treat her wounds, and there were rumors that she was in critical condition.

While Jacobs seems to have recovered, Iyanna Mayweather’s legal troubles are just beginning. According to The Blast, Mayweather was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony that can carry a $10,000 fine or up to 99 years in prison if Mayweather is convicted. The Blast reports that it’s unlikely she will receive the maximum sentence, as she doesn’t appear to have a criminal history. According to Bossip, Mayweather is being represented by Kurt Schaffer, a famed attorney who has worked for celebrities like Slim Thug, Pimp C, and Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J Prince. Schaffer confirmed Mayweather will plead “not guilty” to the charges and is due back in court in August.

“Iyanna is doing fine; although she remains shaken by this unfortunate incident,” Schaffer told Bossip.

As for Jacobs, she returned to social media to break her silence about the incident. “No I’m not ok Im really fucked up in the head. I hate to say it. Can y’all just leave me alone,” she wrote in her Instagram stories. “I never wanted this attention or watever y’all call it. Ps y’all want be seeing me. I’m kinda glad I don’t have a phone.”

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