The woman who ran the family game on me because I am..


Written By Sdwjr

Did I say because I am black? Please excuse the real expressive part of me,I go by the name of potential. Does anyone remember this old saying, something the old folks  will tell men that They should meet the woman’s  family, especially the parents before getting marry because that is replicate of the person they will have at the end of the day.I believe that to be so true.A Woman is the exact outcome of her mother from start to finish.Just watch all of the signs.

I met this female through another friend who happened to be related to them some where down the line.I hand her my business cards and after few days we hit I off.We hit if off so good that I didn’t hesitate but to tell this female that I will make her my wife.She was the nicest of it all til I got to meet the family.That is where everything when left field.

The mother got played my their father who left them at an early age for another woman who happened to be foreigner from India.Mother took that bitterly and still claimed that she is still married to him.Which I considered as a red flag and how it had made her tinted black and bitter towards Black men.Nothing she said about men is positive and I knew that has to be something to except from her daughter.

Mother claimed the father is using the other lady for money because he isn’t in love with her.That was another red flag because his daughter being on her own since 15years old.Following street dudes from dudes and end up torn and bitter cause they left her with three children no father figure.It means you going for the next trip in the book to get level and that is to use me.

My girlfriend I mentioned to me that she didn’t want me to meet or give my number to one of her sister cause they dirty chicks.My homebody who put me on game told me they all where out there giving it up.Even my girlfriend was telling me those very thing about her sister.I listen and mark that down as number 3 red flag

One day everything blow over and family show their true and saw the nastiest side of the mother and you know I was going for replication to revel it. Next thing I heard her son referring to me as your African dude should leave the kitchen.Over time things blow over,She became very rude, abusive and nasty in her tone of voice.She started showing her true color as we progress and she start.

After few months she started behaving like her father and right away there I knew I had to make a quick  move.I don’t want to get pray onI call iy.


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