You can’t lead people to do something and then leave them stranded.


Written By Sdwjr

As Bishop T.D.Jakes stated,”You can’t leave people to Jesus and then ignore their physical needs.You got to prepare to take them all.You can’t serve a community or under serve community.Community that is under attack economically,financially, and socially and ignore the issues around that community.You can’t lead people to Jesus and then leave them stranded.”

Imagine how effective those words will be if we were earnestly giving what we actually love to do.We love to tell people God loves them but never want to give them that sacrificial love that we claimed he has for them.I was speaking with an incredible Pastor who uses  the famous words as well,”God loves you”. While we were talking about the famous words, I said, “Does it really exist in the Bible.” He steered at me with a deep surprise like you know it isn’t literally in the Bible like that.

So why do we use it, I will say we, especially when we know the real situation of those individuals ? He said, we do it to get away from the reality or deal with the reality that we see.We also do it because we don’t want to ask those individuals  what do they really need that will solve their physical problems.This is a well known norm among people of faith.We use it as an escape route.Basically,it easy to say God loves? He said, absolutely!

“Let me add unto something really  quick here, you’re the type of Activist that God uses because you about meeting both the physical and Spiritual needs.”He said. Why not!  I should be about meeting both cause Jesu Christ did the same. He lived for meeting those needs and that is some of the reasons  people draw closer to him.Imagine if Jesus was all saying the famous words,God love you,those 5,000 people will think he is big joke, if to say he doesn’t  see that they’re hungry and need food to eat.

If we can learn to incorporate  Jesus style of Ministry I believed we will be able to win more souls as commanded and God will transform those people lives.If and only if we can learn to open our real heart pockets and be a blessing to others.

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