13 Types of Weed Heads in the World: How To Recognize and Deal With Them by Sdwjr



#13 The Simple Weed head

Their toxicity is spread from person to person like pink eye. Annoying, but usually easily cured. They land in your life, very keen to learn and get to know you. The minute you violate their idealized notion of who you are or demonstrate that you can’t magically cure all their problems. *POOF* they vanish. Often will say things like, “you are such a disappointment” if they have an unhealthy dose of the P-A Witch, too (see below). The Drive By often has another type of toxicity, but you may not get a chance to figure out what it is.

How to deal with a Simple Weed head: You may be quite dizzy after an encounter with one. Ground yourself. Know that you did nothing wrong. Be ready for them to drive by again when the next person disappoints them.

Sdwjr: They’really like the going with flow people

#12 The Pseudo Wend Head

This is not a newbie. Nope. This is someone who poses as a friend in order to learn the mysteries of your ways for their own gain. All that they want is the entry. They  want to learn the techniques and practices that destroy you. You’ll know because they ask questions like, “so how do you know your don’t like weed?” They’ll also be interested in easy way to make money first and foremost, although they can be just as fixated on sex activities as well. Whatever their obsession, an over activated root problem is the cause.

How to deal with a Pseudo Weed Head: Tell them nothing. Ignoring them usually gets rid of them. If they start to cause trouble, then you’re probably dealing with an additional form of toxicity. This is often the case. See below.

Sdwjr: If you stick around too long you see their true nature.

#11 The Nose Wend head

Also known as The Self Obsessed Wend head. Can’t see past the end of their own self. Everything is about them. Practices a very selfish form that never involves helping others (unless something is in it for them). Often narcissists, they have an exceptionally low level of self-esteem. They keep focusing on themselves as a misguided attempt at seeking validation from others. These people are often also love bombers, gaslighters and abused.

How to deal with a Nose Weed head: Not very dangerous unless they have an additional toxicity, but can be super annoying. If you want to have a balanced conversation where your ideas and feelings count, avoid them.

Sdwjr:  Protect yourself from their more harmful attributes and to reverse the conversation them if you find it worth conversing with them.

#10 The Fragile Weed Head

Everything triggers them, including the myself as an author so they aren’t reading it. These are wounded people that haven’t yet found the healing they so desperately need. I have loads of compassion for them. However, their tendency to overreact to everything makes them excessively difficult to be around. Unfortunately, this reduces the likelihood that they’ll find the support they want. Caught up in a vicious circle.

How to deal with a Fragile Weed head: Honestly, show them compassion. If they exhaust yours, explain to them *kindly* why you are distancing yourself. They may actually listen. If they don’t, back up slowly sending them healing vibes.

Sdwjr: I will say keep them in your pray and stay away if you not willing to be a support.

# 9 The Martyr Wend Head

The Martyr thinks that they are being undeservedly persecuted. Everything that happens to them is interpreted as an intentional act of harm. Thinks that there are spirits conspiring against them all the time. Never stops to consider that bad things happen to everyone. Doesn’t understand that painful experiences are an opportunity to grow. Often weeps quietly while hanging on their self-imposed cross. The martyr is often desperate, but rarely asks for money outright. Expects you to know they deserve your time, expertise and cash. When you don’t come through, they get to feel martyred even more. Which is exactly how they like it.

How to deal with a Martyr Weed head: if you know this person well, ask them to consider if there is an alternative explanation to whatever horrible thing has happened to them this time or if there is a lesson in it. Since insight is not their thing, they probably will only think that you are out to get them. You can say you tried. If this is a casual acquaintance, ignore them as best you can. Trying to comfort them usually only leads to more inappropriate self disclosure.

Stone: Remember to encourage them if you ever see them. 

#8 The Psychotic Wend Head

In the World of Weed, we appreciate a high level of eccentricity. However, those who are Psychotic Wend head are dialed into an entirely different dimension. You’ll know them because their speech patterns are a bit off, but not like someone who isn’t good with words or speaking a second language. Sometimes they’ll make a comment (or entire discussion) that is apropos of nothing. Doesn’t maintain eye contact. Twitchy. Favorite topic: conspiracy theories.

How to deal with a Psychotic Weed head: First, make sure they are taking their medication. Psychotic Witches often think they are all better and stop their anti-psychotics. Sometimes they do recover, but if they report that Zeus is in the bathroom again…inquire about their pharmaceuticals. There is a difference between a hallucination and a mystical experience. It can be a fine line. Introspection is often the boundary. If you’ve got a Psychotic Witch in your life, keep an eye on them and do your research. Sometimes they can become violen

Sdwjr: Help them figure out what is going on.

# 7 The Zombie Wend Head

Going through the motions like a zombie. Has no spark or passion. Probably doesn’t even believe in demonic influence. Maybe they do deep inside, but they sure aren’t acting like it. Someone suffering from depression or other significant health problems can appear to be a Zombie  so it’s best to ensure that this isn’t what’s going on before reaching a conclusion. They are ill and need your support. Here’s the thing: hang around a Zombie Weed head and they will eat your passion. They can’t stand to be near someone who is vibrant and truly driven.

How to deal with a Zombie Wend head: Some zombies simply need a nudge or a kick to get them out of their rut, so try this a couple of times before giving up on them. Shield. If their pessimistic ways continue to pick off pieces of you, consider letting them go.

Sdwjr: Be care how you encourage them before you lose your own growth. 

#6 The Tinkerbell Weed Head

Causes trouble and self-absorbed. Double-double toxic trouble. Gossip is their preferred form of conversation. They love to stir the pot and serve you their nasty-tasty toxic bowl  of lies and hearsay. They always have to be in the midst of a crisis, often of their own creation but not directly involving them.

How to deal with a Tinkerbell Weed head: These pixies are often double dipping in the toxicity pool. A special “losely”skill they possess is the ability to make you act like them. If you are having conversations that are mostly malicious about other people, then perhaps the sound you are talking to is a Tinkerbell. Attempt to steer your interactions in healthier directions a few times. If it doesn’t work, consider limiting your contact with them. They are highlighting everyone else’s weaknesses to deflect from their own.

Sdwjr: Activate your self respect so you don’t start being a Tinkering feeling.

#5 The Exploding Weed Witch

Prone to disproportionate emotional outbursts including fits of rage, flinging insults and stomping off in a huff. Everything that you say is a personal attack, but instead of the long suffering martyr who quietly sulks, they take it out on you or anyone else who gets in their path. Upsets everyone within firing range and then wonders why no one likes them. If you say something such a wend head doesn’t care for they’ll respond by calling you things like “stupid” or “ignorant.” The Exploders are a variation on The Fragile Wend head.

How to deal with an Exploding Witch Weed head: The thing with The Exploding Weed head that they usually show up, make a mess and then leave. Not much to deal with except to clean up after them. They live to hurt others, so you may need some time to heal after a run-in with one. If one sticks around, explain the basics of common courtesy to them. If they explode again cut them out of your life or force them into anger management training. Sometimes, weed head (like all people) just blow up because they lack deep concentration . Give these ones a secoND chance.

Sdwjr: He you build resilient and stand in your power against them.

#4 The Passive Aggressive Wend head

“Whatever you think is best.” That’s the motto of the P-A Weed head, but said with a certain tone that says they actually completely disagree. Like the Martyr, the Passive-Aggressive Wend heead thinks the world has treated them unfairly, but they are simmering with barely concealed rage *unlike that straightforward Exploding Wend smoke*.

How to deal with a Passive Aggressive Witch: P-A Weed head can be exceptionally tricky to deal with, especially if they are also skilled at love bombing and gaslighting. Without these added toxic ingredients, the P-A weed head gives us a headache. With them…see below. Call the Passive Aggressive weed head on their foolishness. Ask them yes or no questions. Give them exactly what they don’t want: to be taken at their word. Their hidden meanings and ulterior motives aren’t your business.

Sdwjr: Learn to clearly communicate with them.

#3 The Guru Wend head

Guru Wend head want you to blindly follow them. Everything they say is to be believed without question. Their way is the only way.  Sometimes also exploders. And gaslighters and love bombers. Guru Wend head are often begging their supporters for money. Guru’s often are constantly reminding you of how wonderful they are. This is entirely different from healthy self-promotion where an expert weed shares their experiences and qualifications appropriately.

How to deal with a Guru Witch: I don’t recommend trying to. I urge you to consider the thought leaders and teachers you currently work with to evaluate whether or not they are a Guru Wend head. A sure sign: no clearly stated code of ethics. Not everyone states these publicly, so ask. If you don’t like the answer, go elsewhere.

Sdwjr: Take all preventative measure as possible

# 2 The Love Bombing Wend head

“You are the most talented and amazing person in my life I’ve ever met! The Gods have brought you to me!” Sound familiar? Then you may have already encounted the Love Bombing Wend head. Their enthusiastic over-the-top praise never ends…until it does. Then they accuse you of all manner of malicious acts. You know why? Because you failed to live up to their ridiculous expectations. Can’t tell if you are being love bombed? Refer to the lists of healthy and unhealthy boundaries below.

How to deal with a Love Bombing Wend head:  I’m not sure if you can maintain a relationship with a love bomber. This is sometimes just poor boundaries but others it’s a specific type of gaslighting. I don’t think it’s worth the risk of staying around long enough to figure this out. If you are intent on doing so, do not believe anything they say. Yes, you are amazing. No, you are not that amazing.

Sdwjr: Love is base of what they will get in the long runbe careful.

#1 The Gaslighting Weed head

Dealing with a psychopath is bad enough. Add magic to their toxic tool kit and you’re in for a rough ride. Psychopaths have lots of skills to manipulate others, but I think their best one is convincing us that it is all our fault. Known as gaslighting, this horrible technique is the hallmark of psychopathy. You will be so confused that you may forget your own name.

How to deal with a Gaslighting Wend head: GET ALL THE WAY AWAY FROM THEM NOW.

Sdwjr: Throw all your hands at them and run. I’m being serious.

“I’ve done my resource studied of thousands of weed heads (smokers) from families,friends,partners, extended relationships and outworld as a whole.”Sdwjr

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