His 909 Instagram followers are excited for June 1,2020.The Return of the Biblical Genius of Truth Pastor Sdwjr

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Written by Sdwjr

“Did I feel bad about my decision of walking away from what I had built,yes! Did I love sharing the word of God,yes! Am I called to share the word of God effectively,yes!”Sdwjr

Did I feel bad about my decision of walking away from what I had built,yes! Did I love sharing the word of God,yes! Am I called to share the word of God effectively,yes! But I was at a point in my life where I had to take on the next journey as an Activist. Did I know what it entails and what impacts it will have on my image that I have built over the many years,yes.Do I think that others will support my idea for quitting,yes.Will many people think that I am backsliding,I don’t know! Was I too concern about other people opinion about my decision,no! How can anyone criticize a decision to represent people of black and people of color,and standing for justice.


My decision to walked away from full time Ministry as a Pastor and Media Evangelist for a period of 6 years.I remembered telling my 1500 followers on Instagram that I will not be Pastoring again,and in fact I am going to suspend or cancel my account for time indefinitely.I could remember the responses I got from those followers.They were disappointed and some even told me how can you turn your back on your purpose.The next few weeks I have lost almost 600 followers,and I knew it was coming but I was determine to do as I said.

I could recalled contacting my 1000 followers on twitter that I would be changing the discussion from spirituality to activism,and will be changing the name as well.The movement I change the image and name I lost almost 800 plus followers.It continues with all of my social media platform.Some I did close account and other I didn’t but open a new account for Instagram and Twitter.

I’m anointed to preach/teach the word of God beyond every reasonable doubt.That’s a gift that God has anointed me.He has given me the boldness to say as he utters me to say without fear.While I was away he kept me bless,and bless beyond everything.While other thought it would be tough for me to transition,God was there with me through the way.The many years that I did Activism at the level I did it,and how it costs me my life, he protected and provided for me.God and I had an agreement that I would return to Ministry if he allows me to venture into Activism and represent people of color.He kept his promise so I am keeping my promise as well. Now I am back into full time Ministry on June 1, 2020.

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