Looters Burst Into High End Atlanta Mall – Louis Vuitton Store ROBBED!! (Video)

The city of Atlanta went up in flames last night, with more than $1 BILLION in damage done to the city. The angry Atlanteans started off protesting the police murder of George Floyd.


But before long, the “protests” turned into looting at Atlanta’s high end Lennox Hill mall. And MTO news observed hundreds of people burst in and loot millions of dollars of goods from the Louis Vuitton store.


According to multiple people on the ground, the Louis store in Lennox Hill mall was robbed bare. They stole every purse, every item of clothing, and even the cash register, MTO News has learned.

The looters even went into the back, and stole all the inventory in stock.

The value of the store’s inventory was more than $10 million.

Georgia governor Brian Kemp announced early Saturday that he’d deployed the National Guard to restore calm. 

Atlanta’s mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms did little to stop the looting of her city. Rioters burned police cars and smashed their way into stores in downtown Atlanta and Buckhead despite pleas by the mayor who urged demonstrators to stay home and seek meaningful ways to honor the death of George Floyd, who was murdered by a Minneapolis officer.


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