I knew you weren’t for black people!” Khia Keeps Her Promise, Drags Trina For Filth ‘Belly-Flopping Just Like Your Career!’

“Sourpuss you are being charged with being a dumb b*** over talking your ass, talking s*** and trying to apologize for it,” said Khia. “Belly-flopping just like your career, meaning every word you said then lying and trying to take it back reading a poorly written apology, being arrogant, delusional, a trifling heated up whore-prostitute with a low IQ thinking everybody is beneath you. Having smoke with your own people but wouldn’t slap the s*** out of that salty cracker that called you a n**** to your face in Walmart, wanting to be an afro Latina when you a whole n****, b*** and doing tricks for Scooby Snacks and still winding up at the bottom with nothing.”

The 20-year war between Khia and Trina is still ongoing and as promised, Khia’s not letting up. After Trina went viral for likening looters to “animals”, her rap nemesis Khia promised people she’d drag Trina Monday, June 8.

Khia did exactly that yesterday in a nearly 10-minute “Gag Order” rant. In it, Khia keeps up her usual name-calling dubbing Trina “the saddest basset hound” and asserting that she’s the actual animal, not the looters. Things got reaaaaaaally nasty about halfway in however when Khia brought up Trina’s fleeting career and that incident when a racist disrespected Trina at Walmart.
If you can recall, back in November a white woman called Trina a n***** b***” after the rapper accidentally bumped into her. Trina dared the woman to say it again but ultimately left and didn’t pursue charges.

According to Khia, it’s a shame that Trina had worse words for her own people than that woman.

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