FBI ruled Tuesday that the noose had been in the garage stall for nine months, NASCAR’s only Black driver an incident that doesn’t directly involve him. NASCAR has remained silent.

No hate crime charges would be filed since the noose has been in his garage since October according to the FBI and Attorney for the znorth District of Alabama announce.”We have discovered that the noose has been in his garage since October and was not target at Wallace.”

Wallace who was inform by President Steve Phelps on the issue an approximately five minutes on Tuesday about the no hate crime charge targeting him.

Wallace has already become hated target for White social media critics. Those somehow upset with NASCAR’s efforts to out racism from its series. White social media’s have trolling racist slur at Wallace after the FBI and U.S Attorney not press charges on anyone.Those White confederation group said,” That the lack of federal charges in the incident somehow means it was all a hoax that Wallace was in on a la Jussie Smollett.”

He told CNN Tuesday night that he was planning to head to dinner when Phelps called him and initially thought he was in trouble for something he said. He even said that he talked to his crew before the discovery became public to make sure that the possibility of a hate crime was legitimate.

“I’m pissed,” Wallace said on CNN. “I’m mad because people trying to test my character and the person that I am and my integrity. And they’re not stealing that away from me, but they’re trying to test that.”

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