Prosecutor decides not to charge officer who shot Black teen

Kevin Davis who is a white officer from South Carolina police department had reason to chase the teen because he was outside during the COVID-19 shutdown order during and a neighborhood leader had just reported suspicious activity in an area with a higher than average crime rate, Gipson said.

From the outlook of body cam footage,Josh Ruffin, 17, was an immediate threat to the safety of the officers and others when he stopped during the chase and pointed a gun at the officer.

The Ruffin family’s lawyer, state Rep. Todd Rutherford, said,” we saw no reason to have stopped him,” He said,”they would have preferred convinced that the blurry video ever showed the teen point a gun at the officer.

The April 8 shooting had become a focal point of protests over racial injustice in Columbia since the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police.who put a knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes.

Holbrook defended his agency, saying it is transparent and accountable and he told as much as he knew about the shooting the day after Ruffin was killed.Ruffin’s shooting has been brought up at several rallies to fight racial injustice in Columbia, with demonstrators shouting, “Justice for Josh!”

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