Did Pres.Trump Supports White Power comeback Over Black Lives Matter

Where do we begin to track President Trump just don’t get it yet attitude.Let’s begin from the 1970 with housing discrimination lawsuit to his comments about the Central Park 5 to his assertion that both sides were to held accountable for white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 — and dozens of smaller moments in between — Trump has again and again showed he simply does not get it when it comes to America’s ongoing racial problems. Or, seen through another lens, that he gets it all too well.

The President retweeted a video that has to do with White Power when one of his supporters in a golf cart started screaming White Power.Back up!Why do we have people screamING white power when White Power isn’t the victim of any form of injustice since America existed.

Should we say the screaming of White Power has to do with the Continue support of Blacklivesmatter? From many outlet that scream videos or post messages on their website would affirm that Blacklivesmatter isn’t the only life that matter but all lives.

Therefor it makes total sense why there is an uprising of White Power.It created to take away from the Blacklivesmatter moment.

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