Prosecutors Request Anonymous Jury For R. Kelly Trial

Kelly is accused of interfering with witnesses from his 2008, and several of his accusers have claimed that he is violent.

Prosecutors in New York are asking for the jury to remain anonymous in the upcoming trial of R. Kelly — for fear of acts of violence against their if their identities are revealed.

“Multiple witnesses will testify that (Kelly) physically and violently assaulted them when they broke one of (Kelly’s) ‘rules,'” prosecutors wrote. They added, “the fact that jurors are aware that their identities are publicly known may subtly and unconsciously impair their impartiality.”

“To suggest that (Kelly) may harm a juror because there are allegations that he may have engaged in domestic violence is, frankly, insulting,” Greenberg said. “It’s insulting and illogical.”

Kelly’s lead defense attorney, Steve Greenberg, spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times, and while he says that he agrees with some of the prosecution’s requests.

Kelly is facing racketeering and sex trafficking charges.

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I'm a Journalist,Activist, Publisher, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Orator and Film Maker. Attended the University of Northwestern where I studied Biblical theology and Film. I’ve traveled around the world met some greatest leaders in the world and worked with some of the greatest religious leaders of our times.As a Journalist and an Activist, I’ve dedicated my career highlighting black/brown people struggles through my films,education and creative world.

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