WhiteWoman Fired After Yelling ‘White Lives Are Better than Black lives’ On Video

A white woman has been fired from her job after she was captured on video yelling “white lives better” — and the video went viral.

Holt was fired from her job at Keith Family Vision Clinic in Johnson City.

Tennessee native Sonya Holt turned up to a New Panther Initiative and got carried away, yelling, “white lives matter!” and “white lives are better!”

Holt can also be heard telling a protestor, “You’re just a poor little Black girl with a messed up mind.”

After losing her job, she was interview by a local news channel where she apologized for her actions.

“I no longer have a job. I don’t have any animosity toward the doctors I worked for. They’re great people. Of course, I didn’t want their business to suffer because of mistakes that I made, and I have great respect for them. They did what they had to do to protect their business,” Holt said.

She continued, “That comment about me saying ‘silly little Black girl’ – I would have said that if it was a white girl. I would have said ‘silly little white girl.’ So I do apologize for saying that. I did not mean to demean anybody. Of course, I apologize to her family. I did not know she was a minor. I am very, very sorry for that.”

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