One Question, “Are you going to set aside time for serving Jesus Christ?”

“Don’t Stop Conquering The WORLD and Don’t Stop Conquering the WORD”SDWJR #FOC

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“So, when someone asks if you are going to exercise your right to think about this question., “Are you going to set aside time for serving Jesus Christ?

To ease your discomfort before you within the moment, you’re likely to answer a question in a way that affirms your ideal self. Acknowledging your intention increases the likelihood that you’ll change your behavior.”

From researches that I have done and experiences I have had in life,I have discovered that certain questions when ask in a particular way, it makes people  to rethink things and sometimes critically look at themselves.There is something very sticky about direct questions that went ask it earnestly  influenced people to stop themselves. I mean literally,stop!

I have always considered myself to be very motivated and a pretty steady type of person.Not only am I good at doing that, I was born like that if that makes sense.well,I didn’t think that someone would ask me a question that will hunt me a long time in my life.It was the way it was asked that hits me so hard.It was said very direct and fearless but also with realness.To be earnest,I have heard it repeated many times to others, but it didn’t recurred to me how powerful of a question it was.When it was said to me,I guess it was the best way to motivate someone like me to  be empower to change my daily life.I believe Question like, “Are you going to set aside time for serving Jesus Christ?”

 The question comes all psychological and physiological gredient.You should know what I means? I take that back,ok,let’s ignore these big medical terms and let’s use the layman’s term.Just imagine the impact it has upon a person mental and physical state. A Question like this creates discomfort and we know discomfort motivates people to change or resent change. I know it for a fact.I know someone who refuses to make any health changes until they realized that a life threatening situation begin to develop that may affect their breathing then they start to take their health into account.

“There have been countless studies that have shown me, and one special study concluded that, questioning effectively produces consistent and significant change across a wide variety of behaviors. Direct questions influenced people to cheat less and exercise, volunteer, and recycle more.

The key is to ask a person a certain BIG question that forces that individual to choose a definitive yes or no answer (as opposed to an open-ended question).”

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