Breaking News: Minority Shot and Killed by White Suffolk Police in New York

According to Minority people within that neighborhood, they’ve been harassed constantly by Suffolk Police because they’re Minority.”These White Officers will constantly harassed us for no reasons, and they’ll even mentioned to us that they don’t like our skin color.” One said.Residents claimed that they were not shaken up by what had happened within this neighborhood.Residents implied that this isn’t the first and sure believe it isn’t the last that these White Suffolk officers will not shoot and harass one of them again.

One resident stated ,”He didn’t hear a White Suffolk officers telling anyone to put the knife down, but he did see the shots fired on the victim.Many of the residents who are dominantly Minority claims the victim was Tasered and beaten to the point of death,and what they’ve seen is terrifying and they scare for their lives every single day.

Information about what transpired has not been released, and police have only said that a man was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Published by Sdwjr

I'm a Journalist,Activist, Publisher, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Orator and Film Maker. Attended the University of Northwestern where I studied Biblical theology and Film. I’ve traveled around the world met some greatest leaders in the world and worked with some of the greatest religious leaders of our times.As a Journalist and an Activist, I’ve dedicated my career highlighting black/brown people struggles through my films,education and creative world.

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