When we hear name Blaze Pizza we must think about the best player in the NBA right now.I’ve heard alot about Blaze Pizza from my wife to extended people who talks alot about it.I am huge Lebron fame but I’ve never visited a business that he runs or co-own ever.

I was happened to be at the Westfield mall in New York for the first time after COVID-19.I decided to seat with my computer and do what I do the most and that is code.As I was seating there,I heard a certain group of people complaining that the wifi at blaze was extremely bad,and they told that the workers at blaze turned off the wifi.

I heard the complained and I said to myself,”Let me go visit the blaze myself for the first time.” I walked into the pizza place and noticed just a few people was there getting food to eat.I decided to grab me a seat,and set up my computer and realized the WIFI was turn off.I contacted those guys working in the front about the wifi and they told me that it works when it wants to work.

I request to speak with the manager on duty and she told me that it happens but she will reboost the wifi and see if it works.She did exactly that and it did work.She came to check on me to see if my internet was working and I told her it did.

I went ahead and got me a thin crust pizza with everything on it and it really tasted extremely good.I hope that those individuals who had a bad experience with Blaze Pizza can comeback and experience tasty pizza of blaze. I like their pizza it tastes good.

Published by Sdwjr

I'm a Journalist,Activist, Publisher, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Orator and Film Maker. Attended the University of Northwestern where I studied Biblical theology and Film. I’ve traveled around the world met some greatest leaders in the world and worked with some of the greatest religious leaders of our times.As a Journalist and an Activist, I’ve dedicated my career highlighting black/brown people struggles through my films,education and creative world.

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