Fatal Shooting Incidence Involving an MPD officer.

MISSOULA — Missoula Police Chief Jaeson White addressed questions on Thursday regarding a recent fatal shooting incident involving an MPD officer.

White says on Saturday, Nov. 7 at around 5:30 p.m., MPD was dispatched to a call that Jesse Kale Brown was actively assaulting two victims and also had a knife.

When police arrived at the front door of the residence off the 2300 block of Sherwood Lane Brown immediately confronted officers still wielding a knife.

After ordering Brown to drop his knife multiple times Brown threw a chair at officers and then advanced towards the officer in an assaultive manner.

Officers attempted to subdue Brown with a taser but those efforts failed something Chief White said MPD is reviewing.

“No use of force is one hundred percent guaranteed so when you are in a dynamic critical incident things don’t always work right so we will be looking into once we have all of the information regarding why the taser didn’t work then that is something we will take a look at,” Chief White commented.

When the taser failed to stop Brown one of the responding officers fired his gun four times at Brown.

MPD could not specify how many of the shots struck Brown or where due to the current Montana Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) investigation into the shooting. 

But Brown was struck, and officers attempted to perform life-saving measures but Brown died on the scene.

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