Can We BOLDLY Say Racism is Contagious


“How can we heal a nation that is divided along race, class and political lines?” Joshua F.J. Inwood.And if black People in America been free conditionally for 152.Let’s do the math ,which means that most Americans are only two to three generations away from slavery according to historian Berry.

African-Americans have been free conditionally for 152 years.As compare to Whites who has been free absolutely forever.Meaning who knows their duration of freedom.

Many people connect the origins of racism to slavery without knowing much about that history.Including the idea that it happened too long ago to have much impact on our contemporary society.

Arguably, the most racist policy of any era was the one that allowed whites in this country to call black people property – chattel slavery.

One reason racism persists into contemporary times is because racist ideas are passed down from one generation to the next.

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