A Life That I Am Struggling To Get Accustomed to Living(SDWJR.blog)

One of the most noticeable thing that I’ve realized and likewise many people as well have realized is the growing fear that life is getting worst by the day and they don’t have any clear insight as to whether life will ever get better.The dying fear right now is Covid-19 to be exact.

For those of us who lives in New York City or outside,we probably know that it is a city that doesn’t sleep.Well,from the outlook of what had happened across this State over the last few months,who still thinks this city will be impacted with this deep fear in this way from Covid-19.

The impact of it has created an urgency of fear that is felt almost every corner of this State and among its citizens.New Yorkers are barely using the subways system as much,as a New Yorker from Staten Island,I’ve not used the subways since the impact of of COVID-19.

From a gathering of millions,thousands, and hundreds and now to barely ten or less.From the bright lights to the curfew rules then social distance.From Town square that never sleeps to a town square that is a complete war zone.

Can’t tell who is really who with these outrageous face masks we all walking around with because of the new ways of live since Covid-19.The number of deaths have climbed like the mountain peak and people gathering together also enlarged as the football field.A life that we all struggling to get accustomed to living.

“A reliable hope is the Jesus’s rope.”SDWJR #FOC

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