Royal Prince Christmas Experience In New York(

This was a mind blowing experience for me to see all these color coordinated and light trailers on the wall.I was amazed to be earnest and felt the Christmas energy evaporating in the air which like me know I should be in mood for it.

Before the COVID-19 Pandemic I will arguably say New York is the place to be for event like Christmas,Macy Parade and major celebrations.I might be wrong with mysel projective claims that it is.You know what I mean.

I’ve never been hyped about the great things happening in New York City.Infact,I barely keep track of all its major events happening all over this city.Again there is no place as New York for those who loves the brilliant of life.

When I do get visit the city m,it has to do with capturing and sharing for people around the world I know and who knows me and others to see.For I alone I wouldn’t bother with what is happening everyday in this city entertainment wise.

But if you against me what interest me in this city and what I want to see happened,I tell you New York Police are getting better at dealing with black and color people.

The Mayor and Governor is doing everything to protect this city, as well black and Minorities.From what I’ve noticed since this COVID-19 pandemic,we’ve become a better city and little bit more respectful of one another as compare to before the pandemic.

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