Great People Used Fear As A Step Up To Their Havens (Sdwjr.Blog)

Look,as a firm believer, fear doesn’t appeared as it seems and it is not as damaging as people think and infact it is a delusion that causes many to stop completely wherever they’re doing.

One morning I was listening to a powerful motivational video from Will Smith on YouTube and he said something that realigned with this thought I have about myself and life as a whole.He stated that fear motivates him and if you want to get him motivated then keep him living in fear.

I wished I would say it with the tone as he said it,but I can’t.It was profoundly stated that it resonated with me to this day.It was a wake up call that speaks to my soul.Hearing someone as great as Will Smith talking about how to deal or overcome fear was a little surprising but again I wasn’t.Great People used fear as a step up to their haven.

“Great People used fear as a step to their haven.”Sdwjr #FOC

I don’t want to sound my horn but I am a pretty confident young man,and if you asked me where I got it from, I will say it was from my upbringing.In my worldview,confidence is something that when one truly possesses,there is no way they’re willing to lose it or not be without it.If they organically possessed it,there is no way can it be taken away from there.I am not talking about a confidence that was developed overnight because someone told someone to developed it for certain moment in time to be effective at whatever they have to do.

Fear is a stem that kills many people confidence.As mentioned earlier, I am very confident young man who barely fear what must people fear.I believed there are many levels of fear but equally there many levels to confidence.In order to beat fear,one has to have a certain level of confidence.It amazed me how we called confident people arrogant.I think it all depends on how we all see and understand confidence.

I see confidence as a mastery tool and a wake up called for the soul.Other sees fear as a bad thing and wish that they never have to ever deal with it in their lives.But the reality is this,it should be apart of our lives to keep us driven and steadfast.

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