white police shot unarm Black man with a cellphone in Columbus, Ohio(sdwjr.blog)

You want to believe that White Policemen have the interest of black people in this country then you go ahead and be my stupidest and dumbest guest on this blog.This will just enforced what we have been implying since Michael Brown,Eric Gardiner, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery that White Police don’t like Black People and particularly Black men.I’ve stated that across all my platform that White Police officer who are considered White Angry men are the great threat to black people in this country, and you can believe it or disbelieve it.The truth is right before the pudding.

We just watched live how the White Police In Ohio Slain a Black Man; Family Says He Held A Sandwich.We can’t be idiots or like us not play dumb like we don’t see how devilish and wicked these White Police men are to black People. Well, let say Angry White men in uniform are towards black people.Be

Body camera footage released Wednesday shows a Columbus, Ohio, police officer fatally shooting an unarmed Black man in a garage within seconds of their encounter.Officer Adam Coy was stripped of his badge and gun after killing Andre Maurice Hill, 47, who was walking toward the officer with a cell phone in his left hand and his right hand not visible when Coy opened fire, authorities said.

“After further review of the incident, today, I’m calling for the immediate termination of Coy … who failed on two directives: not turning on his body-worn camera, and failure to offer aid after the shooting and not rendering aid,” Ginther said.

The officer had been responding to a non-emergency disturbance call from a neighbor, according to the Columbus Department of Public Safety.The shooting is the latest involving law enforcement in Columbus, where less than three weeks ago another Black man, Casey Goodson Jr., was fatally shot by a Franklin County sheriff’s deputy.

The December 4 shooting is the subject of a joint criminal civil rights investigation.Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, hours after attending Goodson’s funeral, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther called for Coy to be fired. Ginther said Hill was an expected guest at the home where he was shot and he “had committed no crime.”

As 2020 comes to a close, with the tragic succession of officer-involved shootings that gave rise to so many unforgettable hashtags, we are presented with another compelling example of why police reforms and a national standard for police behavior is so desperately needed,” Crump said.

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