I am never surprised at what White people can do.They don’t care who is affected by their actions.They will kill their own in a heartbeat like Anthony Warner.

Imagine if we were all angry and taking it on other people around us who just enjoying their lives,especially on a special day like Christmas with their families.What will the world look like.I can tell you it wouldn’t be a good scene.

We get it that White People are trying to copy everything else in their own ways.They’ve been known to be acting weird about everything and it has been accepted by many but times have changed.

We must start alarm sounding process because what we thought was just plain weirdness is beginning to be a serious problem for the world.We can no longer just let their behaviors of suspiciousness destroy our lives.

We all see what happened in Nashville Tennessee when a white man by the name of Anthony Warner, who used an RV to bomb peaceful Americans on Christmas Day.

White people don’t know how to deal with their anger;therefore,they take it on other people and also their own people. Individual like Anthony Warner is an exact example of an Angry White man.We must keep our eyes open whenever we see strange activities of White People around us.

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