How many times have we heard from Africa and Europe who have condemned those in America who are silent to call out White people for ill treatment of blacks for fear that their freedom will be deprived.

As they’ve told many who asked this particular question,white people are quick to cross anyone out.Therefore we rather not get them involve or call them out.

White People made everybody to think they’re weak.These people are far from weak and they will have to accept their correctness.I know their strength as a race and I want others to recognize it.

Stop believing that they’re not strong mentally or physically that isn’t true.They’ve the same toughness as all of us and we must call them out on things they do unjustly.They will listen and get educated and change.

With that already out of the way,it is everyone responsibilities to call out Whites who ignores equal justice for all.Doing so can bring a needed change.

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