CNN:As An Activist,I’ve Stopped Counting How Many Times Police has Been Called On Me.

I’ve earnestly stopped counting how many times Police has been called on me as an Activist.

I am always prepared to defend and expect reactions like this on a daily basis.I don’t understand what people are really trying to project to me when they called the police.

What I have realized as the main problem will be the misinformation that these Police officers are giving these people about me who is a BLM Activist.When these people face off with me,they lose their minds and sense of reasoning literally and they go for the police.

Nowadays I only record the entire event in the event that the truth turns to lies.Most of those who calling police on me are black women who sees me a punching bag to heal their hurts from black men.

I have setting level of patience when it comes to setting things but for stuff like this I tell them go ahead and call the police.I am waiting.

The situation on this video didn’t merit a call for police at all but it tells you how I black women think of black men.Whatever she was trying to do it didn’t fall through.

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