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I'm a Journalist,Activist, Publisher, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Orator and Film Maker. Attended the University of Northwestern where I studied Biblical theology and Film. I’ve traveled around the world met some greatest leaders in the world and worked with some of the greatest religious leaders of our times.As a Journalist and an Activist, I’ve dedicated my career highlighting black/brown people struggles through my films,education and creative world.

The Scottish government says school children aged four can change gender

Children as young as four will be able to change their gender at school without their parents’ consent under guidance introduced in Scotland.

Are they looking at these children as an adult in relation to their genders? How can a four years old make a decision this big without their parents.I want you to click on the link and read further,and tell us what you think.

“The man of the peoe of New York.”Cuomo was only brought down because he had so many political enemies and not because of AG sexual harassment report, say Albany insiders

“I’ve told men of power that women should be address with no smile.”

Women have been known to be notorious liar,and extremely believable breed of human being while concealing their intentions.

Gov.Cuomo is a great leader and a great man who cares about the well being on his people and the State of New York.He demonstrated his leadership during COVID-19. Well hold him as man of the people of New York.

The Governor resigned on Tuesday, a week after being labeled a serial sexual harasser by Attorney General Letitia James

Andrew Cuomo was only brought down because of the number of enemies he’d made politically over the years, and not because of the Attorney General’s sexual harassment report, insiders in Albany have claimed

She said that he’d sexually harassed 11 women and created a ‘toxic work place’. 

Some of the allegations are that he physically assaulted women, including an aide who says he stuck his hand up her blouse in November 2020. 

Others are based on public comments he made, like telling the doctor who gave him his COVID test that she made the PPE gown ‘look good’ – something he did in the glare of the world’s media, when millions were tuning into his press conferences every day.

He maintains that he didn’t touch anyone and that the public comments were ‘jokes’ which do not amount to sexual harassment and are inappropriate at worst.  

Others, like FOX host Tucker Carlson, agree with Cuomo that the AG report is shaky and that a lot of the evidence is lacking. 

In a New Yorker piece that was published on Friday, one unnamed Albany official said: ‘Talk about reaping what you sow. He is reaping a lifetime’s worth of bad will.’ 

Boylan, one of the women who accused him in the AG report, said he is a ‘master manipulator’ who took years to bring down despite widespread claims of bullying. 

‘It was worth the wait. It was worth the wait to be able to counter this master manipulator who doesn’t care about truth, who doesn’t care about fact, who doesn’t care about abuse. It had to be airtight,’ she said. 

Murdering her in rampage – so how WAS he able to keep gun licence?, Mother51, pleaded for help with incel son’s mental health because he ‘hated’ her and blamed her for him still being a virgin at 22

Five people and the gunman died after a shooting in Plymouth yesterday evening. Here is what we know:

  • The atrocity was carried out by a man named by Devon and Cornwall Police as Jake Davison, 22.
  • A three-year-old girl was among his victims during the six-minute incident in Keyham, Plymouth.
  • His first victim was a 51-year-old woman, identified as his mother Maxine.
  • He then left the unnamed address and shot the girl and her 43-year-old male relative in Biddick Drive.
  • Two further victims were a man, 59, shot in parkland nearby, and a woman, 66, killed at Henderson Place.
  • He then turned the gun on himself, before police could intervene. None of his victims have been identified by police.
  • In between, Davison shot at a man, 33, and a woman, 53, who survived. They remain in hospital being treated for injuries which are not thought to be life-threatening.
  • Parts of the incident happened in front of other members of the public who are said to have been “shocked at what was unfolding before them”.
  • A weapon has been recovered, described by witnesses as a “pump action shotgun”.
  • Davison had a firearms licence, and police do not believe he was linked to any terrorist or far-right organisation.
  • The crime scene currently stretches to 13 separate sites.
  • Police are examining the hard drive and social media activity of Davison, who posted on a YouTube channel under the name Professor Waffle and previously said he did not have “any willpower to do anything anymore” in a recording dated July 28.

Chief: The disparities around traffic stops are no longer on our roads in Minneapolis

“But there will no longer be the additional consequence of suspending driving privileges.”Attorney Jim Rowader

Arradondo stated that traffic stops relating to expired tabs, items dangling from mirrors and not having a working license plate light would cease.

In addition, the police chief said that the city attorney’s office will also stop prosecuting tickets for driving after license suspension ‘when the only basis for the suspension was a failure to pay fines or fees,’ and there was no accident or other ‘egregious driving behavior that would impact public safety.’

‘Traffic enforcement remains a key part in keeping our roadways and streets safe for those we serve,’ Arradondo wrote, in part. ‘By prioritizing the more serious traffic violations and no longer conducting routine traffic stops on the lesser violations mentioned above where it’s the only offense, it will have minimal impact on current MPD traffic enforcement and can also help build trust with the communities we serve.’

Minneapolis Attorney Jim Rowader issued the following statement regarding the matter:

The City Attorney’s Office recommended these changes to the mayor and chief after a very thorough and thoughtful analysis. This office is committed to addressing the racial inequities in traffic stops while not compromising public safety, and these two new polices accomplish that goal. While expired tabs will no longer be the primary reason for a traffic stop, this offense will still be enforced in other ways. Whenever a vehicle with expired tabs is stopped for speeding, red light running or any other public safety reason, the expired tabs charge can and should be added to the citation. The City’s Traffic Control agents will also continue to enforce expired tabs on parked vehicles as part of their work.

While the legislative change around driving after suspension that was passed this past session is a great first step, it is not enough to address the inequities around driver’s license suspensions as it was not applied retroactively. It is in everyone’s best interests to have licensed and insured drivers on our roads. By dismissing these cases we eliminate additional charges that often drive up insurance rates and make auto insurance unaffordable for many people. Individuals will still be held accountable for moving violations such as speeding, as they will be required to either pay those citations or contest them in court. If they fail to do so, those convictions will be entered on their record and the fine will be sent to collections, but there will no longer be the additional consequence of suspending driving privileges.

These new policies are just one small step in addressing the disparities around traffic stops while freeing up resources to focus on offenses that have a direct impact public safety. The City Attorney’s office is committed to continuing this work in the future with further policy changes.

Black People Prefer to be Called Simply ‘Black’ Over ‘African American,’ Jesse Jackson’s Quote is outdated

How important to know that Blacks are realizing how powerless and useless is the name African-American which was given by White people.To be earnest,who are White People to change or name any race of people especially blacks.They gave them the name African-Americans because White People afraid of the word Black.

Although “African American” was already in use and later popularized in the early ’80s, more people began to drift to just being called “Black” or one of the two as the ’90s approached.  

Still, the difference in numbers remained relatively the same when subjects were asked the “preferred term for their racial subgroup, if they had to choose.” Once again, 52 percent of people leaned more toward “Black,” while 44 percent selected “African American.” Four percent had no opinions. 

Yet, the same couldn’t be said about the Hispanic community, which appears not so open to the term “Latinx.” The word made its debut online roughly around 2004, and has since been popularized by social media users, activists, and those looking for representation for a group of people who didn’t necessarily fit into one box.    

According to Merriam-Webster, Latinx was “used generally as a gender-neutral term for Latin American.” However, it also noted that the term had been embraced more by the LGBTQIA+ community as a way not only to identify themselves as people of Latin descent but as one who classifies as a gender outside male or female. 

When posed with a similar question, Gallup said 23 percent of people believed they should be called Hispanic, 15 percent said Latino — the male term for Latin — and only 4 percent said LatinX. Elsewhere, another 57 percent said it didn’t matter. 

Regarding the Black community, the data seemingly shows the argument around racial labels hasn’t done much to sway members either way.  

Many critics, including Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, have argued that “Black is a color” and that the ‘African American’ terms better highlight cultural heritage. In a quote captured by the New York Times, the civil rights leader once said, “We built the country through the African slave trade. African American acknowledges that.” He added, “Any term that emphasizes the color and not the heritage separates us from our heritage.

Many considered Rev.Jesse L.Jackson quote to be nothing but confusion.One of those who questioned his quote as full of confusion is Activist Sdwjr.He stated that “Jesse L.Jackson is confused when it comes to the word Black.” He hope that next generation move away from the term African American to their true identity as being called Black.

White Man Charged with Murder for Allegedly Shooting Defenseless Black Man Over Loud Music in Tennessee

A Tennessee security guard has been charged with murder after he allegedly shot a Black man outside of a Kroger fuel station following a confrontation over loud music.

Gregory Livingston, a 54-year-old Kroger security guard, was charged with second-degree murder after authorities say he shot Alvin Motley in Memphis on Saturday evening at the Kroger Fuel Center on Poplar Avenue

When Memphis police responded to the Kroger at around 7 p.m., Livingston told officers he had shot a man, identified as Motley. Motley lived in Chicago and had only been in Memphis for a few hours. His girlfriend witnessed the shooting and said an argument over loud music coming from their car preceded the violence.

Police found Motley lying unresponsive near a fuel pump with a gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Livingston yelled for the music to be turned down, witnesses said. According to Motley’s girlfriend, she told him to get back in the car so they could leave, but he walked toward Livingston and told him “Let’s talk like men.” Next, she heard a gunshot and Motley fell to the ground. Surveillance footage shows that Motley was holding a beer can and cigarette when he approached Livingston.

According to a police affidavit, Livingston pulled his gun on Motley and a bullet struck him in the chest. A different witness identified Livingston, who is a former police officer with the Horn Lake Police Department who served from 1998 until he resigned in 2001, as the person who shot Motley in a lineup. Livingston was due to appear in court on Monday.

Motley’s sister told Action News 5 her brother was an aspiring actor, and entertainer who was filming a reality television show. She wants Livingston’s charges to be upgraded to first-degree murder. He appeared in court for a hearing on Monday morning and is expected to make another appearance next week.

Kroger said in a statement that all questions should be referred to the police department.

“The Kroger Delta Division is working in full cooperation with the Memphis police department. This is an active investigation, therefore; we are deferring all questions to local law enforcement for the integrity of the investigation.”

A City Where Law Enforcement has Long been Accused of Racism.Activists Demanding Swift Change

MINNEAPOLIS — Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council — a veto-proof majority — pledged on Sunday to dismantle the Police Department, promising to create a new system of public safety in a city where law enforcement has long been accused of racism.

“A Term dumb White Police used my Activist Sdwjr is the exact name for White Minneapolis Police.”SDWJR

According to Activist Sdwjr,for many years as an resident of Minneapolis, he was racially profiled and discriminated against by White Minneapolis Police on countless occasions.One has to do with a stop on 35W South while picking up his oldest brother from Timber Wolve game.

White Minneapolis Police pulled him over,and, he said, “Why did you pulled me over?” Officer said,” We looking for a black Mercedes Benz with few black men inside.” He told the officer “How long have you been doing this job or working this highway?” Officer said,” Long, and I smell weed and alcohol on your breathe,and I will need you to get off the car.”

As the entire conversation was being recorded,Activist Sdwjr said, “I don’t drink or smoke so it can’t be none of that and I got you recorded and I will report this act of racial Profiling to the rightful authority.Immediately,Officer said,” What up with all the questions since I stopped you? Activist Sdwjr said,” Cause you profiled a black man with braid and driving a black Mercedes Benz.”

Officer said,” You have a nice day.” As Actvist Sdwjr drove off,he wasn’t surprised at White Police racial Profiling because as a black man in Minneapolis which is a White ran state,black men are considered target especially those who drives nice cars and living comfortably. At one point he was stopped 67 times in one single year just cause of his appearance.

“There is great level of support to this madness among these White racist Police in Minneapolis.A change is needed from top to the bottom.” SDWJR

Saying that the city’s policing system could not be reformed, the council members stood before hundreds of people gathered late in the day on a grassy hill and promised to begin the process of taking apart the Police Department as it now exists.

For activists who have been pushing for years for drastic changes to policing, the move represented a turning point that they hope will lead to a transformation of public safety in the city.

Protesters’ cries to defund or abolish the police are often not meant literally. Rather, they are demands to rethink a law enforcement system from the ground up and to grapple with deeply ingrained issues, including employing officers who do not live in the city they police — as is done in Minneapolis — and sending armed officers to respond to situations that turn out not to be crimes, as when a mentally ill person is in distress.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs said “I’ve Figured Out My Purpose and that is Saving the Black Race.” Is a Part of His New Purpose

In a Wednesday, Aug. 3, interview with Vanity Fair, the entrepreneur, producer, and executive revealed that “saving the Black race” is what he recently discovered was part of his purpose after talking to God.

While seeking guidance, Combs decided to call up Harry Belafonte, a civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr.’s confidant, an actor, and a singer. Combs said what made him come to that decision was what he characterized as his similarity to Belafonte. “I was like, we were in similar situations. You know what I’m saying? Coming from where we were having a position of power, being celebrities, and I was wondering, how did [Belafonte] get so dug into [social action]? And really dedicating his life.”

Being the activist that he is, Belafonte called out celebrities, specifically Beyoncé and Jay-Z in a 2012 Hollywood Reporter interview for not doing enough in the Black community. He said, “They have not told the history of our people, nothing of who we are. We are still looking. We are not determinated.”

He called the situation “sad” and said, “ I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, powerful celebrities. But they have turned their back on social responsibility. That goes for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, for example.” Jay-Z responded by saying that his “presence is charity,” meaning the person he’s made himself to be is enough, and said he believes the same about former President Barack Obama

The Brooklyn rapper said “Obama provides hope. Whether he does anything, the hope that he provides for a nation, and outside of America is enough.”

Combs later spoke about how he determined he was the right man for such a responsibility as saving an entire race. He thought, “The person that was able to go and do Bad Boy, if he’s in charge of bringing us together, it sounds like, ‘That’s the right motherf—er.’ ”

Since his revelation, Combs has attempted to start conversations and organizations to help reverse the oppression of Black people. In 2020 he started a new political party called Our Black Party to back and fight for the progression of the Black community in America. Earlier that same year, he partnered with Black-owned banks to help Black entrepreneurs get funding amid the pandemic.

He wrote a letter in April calling out America’s corporations that he said stand with Black corporations as performative action “while exploit[ing] our culture, undermin[ing] our power, and exclud[ing] Black entrepreneurs from participating in the value created by Black consumers.”

Five children, all under the age of 10, who died in a house fire in St Louis on their mother’s birthday as she desperately tried to save them

A St. Louis mother desperately tried to save her five children after a devastating apartment blaze on her birthday

The fire broke out in the early hours of Friday morning in an apartment where they had been staying with their mother and grandparents after their last home burned down just five months ago. 

The mother of the children, 34-year-old Sabrina Dunigan, left home to drive someone to work and left the children alone at home. When she returned she discovered the home engulfed in flames, authorities said.

Five crews from the East St. Louis Fire Department arrived to find two of the children dead inside a bedroom and three other children unconscious on the floor. 

Two of the unconscious children died as firefighters were rushing them out of the building. The fifth child died on the way to the hospital, St. Clair County Coroner Calvin Dye said. 

1The victims were identified as 9-year-old Deontay Dunigan, 7-year-old twins Heaven and Nevaeh Dunigan, 4-year-old Jabari Johnson, and 2-year-old Loyal Dunigan, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

East St. Louis Fire Chief Jason Blackmon told that the cause of the blaze is under in investigation by the Illinois State Fire Marshal.    

‘The guys are taking it pretty hard,’ said Assistant Fire Chief George McClellan.    

Sheila Dunigan is asking for privacy as investigators figure out the cause of the fire. 

South Carolina White COP Charged After Stomping a Defenseless Black Man’s Head into Concrete.Thanks to a  911 Caller

A Black man was filmed being having his Head stomped into the concrete by a White South Carolina officer.He has been fired and charged with first-degree assault and battery, according to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

Orangeburg Department of Public Safety Officer David Lance Dukes, 38, was fired after internal officials reviewed body camera footage of the July 26 incident, during which Dukes stomped 58-year-old Clarence Gailyard’s head while the man was on his hands and knees.

“Every time I look in the mirror, I see the scar on my forehead, and it’s not OK. The only thing I want the community to do is change,” Gailyard said Tuesday alongside his attorney Justin Bamberg.

On July 26, Gailyard was walking with his stick that he carries in case a dog approaches him. He also walks with a cane often and often moves slowly as a result of pins and rods in his leg from being hit by a vehicle on a bicycle, Bamberg said.

Someone called 911 thinking the stick Gailyard was holding was a gun. Dukes arrived and ordered Gailyard to the ground but the man wasn’t physically able to immediately comply. While he was on his hands and knees, Dukes stomped Gailyard’s head, causing it to hit the concrete.

“Officer Dukes then approached the victim, who was on his hands and knees. While the victim was in a defenseless position on his hands and knees, Officer Dukes raised his right leg and forcibly stomped with his boot on the victim’s neck and/or head area. The force of the blow caused the victim’s head to strike the concrete. The victim suffered a contusion to his forehead and was transported by EMS

Teen mother, 19, bursts into tears as she is jailed for nine years for leaving her baby to starve to death while she went partying for SIX DAYS to celebrate her 18th birthday

One of the few insane stories I have followed since the COVID-19.A teen mother broke down in tears today as she was jailed for nine years after leaving her baby to starve to death while she went partying for six days to celebrate her 18th birthday.

According to court documents, Verphy Kudi went to a 1990s music concert in Elephant and Castle and even had a DJ announce her birthday during her days-long jaunt away from home.

All the while her 20-month-old daughter, Asiah, was alone in her flat in a ‘supported housing’ block in Brighton more than 50 miles away.

Asiah tragically died from influenza and starvation after having been left unattended for five days, 21 hours and 58 minutes, prosecutors said.

When paramedics were finally called to the flat on December 11, 2019 after Kudi had returned, they found her ‘incoherent, distressed and distraught’ and her daughter lying on the floor.

Kudi, now 19, today appeared in the dock at Lewes Crown Court on Friday for sentencing after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

She broke down in tears as she was jailed for nine years and taken away by court staff.  

Judge Laing said the baby had gone through ‘almost unimaginable suffering’ before dying alone in the flat.

She added: ‘She was a helpless young child and relied completely on you as her mother to proved for her needs.’

She told her Kudi ‘grossly abused her trust’ and had prioritised her desire to ‘celebrate your birthday and the birthday of friends’ rather than the needs of her child


Racism in America may be far from what it used to be decades ago when segregation was actually legal, but you’d be kidding yourself to think that we don’t still experience it today.

The death of a Black Missouri teenager back in April appears to be racially motivated, especially after the coroner’s initial suicide ruling was dismissed by a Missouri jury that believe his gunshot wound wasn’t self-inflicted and may be linked to a Confederate flag-wielding racist by the name of James Wade.

“On April 23, Derontae Martin attended a party with friends at a rural home in Fredericktown, Mo. The 6-foot, 3-inch 250-pound former high school football star was attending an 18th birthday party for the daughter of James Wade, whose home was adorned with multiple Confederate flags. Wade was known for sharing racially charged posts on white Facebook, including one with a picture of a Black man in chains captioned: “My great great great grandfather’s tractor.” Another meme featured a black dog with the words: “I had a black dog once. I named him Foodstamps.” But Wade insists he is not racist.”

The background info on Wade is enough to make a fair assumption that he definitely has a problem with Black people, even though he told KSDK, “[The racist memes] are already on Facebook, I just shared them, it’s not like I made them up or put them there, right? I’m not a racist.”


The coroner’s report of it being a suicide proved to be questionable from the start, especially due to the fact that one witness statement points to Wade as the killer and Martin’s wounds not lining up with a typical suicide. In short, there was no soot or imprint of the gun’s muzzle found, and gunpowder deposits were also missing as well. Of course, pathologists say the signs of suicide weren’t present due to the coroner cleaning Martin’s body after the autopsy.

After his mother, Kimberly Lotts, had another autopsy performed, it was revealed that Martin was shot from a distance and had methamphetamine in his system — a drug Lotts insists her son didn’t partake in recreationally.

As a new investigation ensues to figure out who killed Derontae Martin, we can only pray that his mother gets the justice their family rightfully deserves in this unfortunate case.