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Story About Being Black In America Among White Police.(SDWJR.BLOG)

“White Police are Dumbest Police Officers in the world.”Sdwjr #FOC

A middle-aged black man, his cheek to the pavement on a Minneapolis street, gasping for air and begging for mercy from a white police officer kneeling on his neck. Another black man out for a jog, chased down and shot by an ad hoc posse of white men in a small Georgia community. An angry white woman in New York City, jabbing her finger at a black bird-watcher who’d asked her to leash her dog, threatening to tell police that “there’s an African American man threatening my life.”

The confluence of events – videos capturing the final moments of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Ahmaud Arbery in Glynn County, Georgia, as well as footage of Christian Cooper’s “bird-watching while black” incident and data showing how the coronavirus is ravaging black communities – have placed the existence of sometimes invisible, often discounted structural racism in America into sharp relief.

Together, they have reinforced the idea that being black in America is a preexisting condition shaped by ingrained, insidious bias – one that can exact a heavy toll on individual and community health, to the point of early death. 

Spurred by the headlines, local legislatorsfrom Minneapolis to Maryland want racism declared a public health emergency. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association and American College of Physicians all have declared it an urgent health issue that needs national attention.

But doctors and researchers who study the link between race and health also worry the seemingly relentless onslaught of brutal news is having a secondary effect: dialing up already-persistent stress levels within African Americans, making them even more vulnerable to illness and disease.


I was at Panera bread getting my coding done as an Activist and I noticed my black brother who works as an informant passing by and he was sending a signal to his black brother about what white people fear and he thinks his should know.

Most of us who studied White people and their fears of black men,we know very well those images above are their most fearful images.We have heard time over time how they fear black men who looks like those images.

I can record a White person who was telling a black individual some of his deep fear about black men dressing like thugs.I was deeply confused by what he stated and thought it bias and racist.

We have also heard President Trump calling black people thugs because of their behavior and appearances.White people will always present what they fear a lot and for them to think that everyone fears black men.I considered it to be insane.But That is how they think,and therefore they want everyone to think and it as that.

I lived in New York as a Journalist and Activist,and I will tell anyone that it a culture for White people to use black men and women to put fear in other people who are black.Asked me how I know,I will tell you from personal experiences was used to have my own Black people tail me everywhere.

One of the reason made have to do with Instagram called Friendzofculture is used to educate black,brown and foreigners to behavior of those who professed to be non violent toward anyone especially black men.

They are striving to put their insecurities and fears on each and everyone of us.Knowing that Black men are their greatest fears will continue to be where our concentrations will always be.Standing with our black men always regardless.

“Like to look at my black brothers,I get to steal a piece of fashion or a piece of style and use it.They’ve to stay relevant because of what they do for a living.”Sdwjr #FOC

$2 million in Bitcoin or State Employees will die White Supremacy (Sdwjr.Blog)

In the midst of a riot in the nation’s capital where a group of President Trump’ supporters forced their way inside the Capitol Building, and on the heels of a bomb threat made to the Michigan State House in Lansing, The 7 investigators have learned Michigan State Police investigated yet another threat, that was sent straight to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

The threat was an extortion scheme from Indiana that was mailed to the Governor. The anonymous sender allegedly said state employees would die unless the governor handed over $2 million in Bitcoin by Jan 25.

They turned into a mob.stormed the United States Capitol.(SDWJR.BLOG)

ANGRY WHITE MEN DON’T WANT THEIR ACTIONS TO MERIT CRITICISM……….It has been evident that White people don’t want to held accountable or refer to as being racist,discriminatory or violent or ascribe to as non of the above.Therefore people like us who called them out we become the opposition but true equality comes with stating the facts.What was happened at the state Capitol is an act of terrorism committed against the people of the United States

They came dressed for chaos. They came in red, white and blue face paint and star-spangled superhero outfits, in flag capes (American, yes, but also Confederate and Trumpian) and flag jackets and Trump bobble hats. One man came as a patriotic duck; another as a bald eagle; another as a cross between a knight-errant and Captain America; another as Abraham Lincoln. They came in all sorts of camouflage, in animal pelts and flak jackets, in tactical gear and even a sphagnum-covered ghillie suit.

They came Wednesday morning first for the pro-Trump rally outside the White House, to show their fanatic belief in the spurious “Stop the Steal” movement on the day Congress had convened to certify the Electoral College results and recognize Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, and they turned into a mob.

What rioters wore when they stormed the United States Capitol, pushing past the Capitol police and rampaging into the building, may seem the least of the matter. It may seem entirely irrelevant to the unprecedented nature of the moment. Yet these choices also helped feed the frenzy of the event, as the pageantry of aggression turned actual.

Protests have always had a distinguishing uniform — it is how often disparate individuals signal their shared purpose and state of mind — but this time the cohesion splintered into war paint and a primal scream of patriotism. It was a riotous expression before the riot began.

Forget the white trouser suits and pink pussy hats of dissents past; they were positively quotidian in comparison. Instead there was clothing that transgressed the conventions of the social style contract just as the president’s accusations transgressed political convention. Clothing that didn’t really qualify as clothing, but made the leap into costume of the most big screen blockbuster, shoot-’em-up video game kind. Or the VR kind. Only this wasn’t virtual reality; it was reality.

When you leave the totems of your usual identity behind you free yourself from the laws that govern that identity and assume those of another character — a frontiersman, a hunter, a warrior, even a superhero — that can then be twisted through a dark mirror into the outfits of the insurrection. There was no clearer image of what that meant than a shirtless man in what looked like a cross between a coonskin cap and a horned spirit hood,

with face and body paint, standing gloating behind a desk in the Senate chamber as if he belonged there, after the actual elected lawmakers had been rushed away for their safety.

As the writer Ben Sixsmith tweeted: “It’s like the Storming of the Bastille as recreated by the cast of National Lampoon’s Animal House. These photos will outlive us all.”

It was as if normal dress — jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, puffers — couldn’t contain the extremity of the outburst. It needed to be expressed in out-there clothing, clothing that demanded attention, clothing you couldn’t ignore, clothing that refused to play by the rules because the whole point it was

telegraphing (the point the president was making) was that the rules couldn’t be trusted; instead they needed to be shredded, torqued into some sort of fantasy he-man form.

Two White Seattle cops are under investigation and have been placed on administrative leave after attending deadly Capitol riots

Two Seattle police officers are under investigation over their alleged roles in the deadly Capitol Hill riots after they were photographed at the pro-Trump rally. 

Police chief Adrian Diaz on Friday confirmed two cops have been placed on administrative leave as department officials conduct a probe into their actions. 

Diaz in a statement said the SPD was made aware that at least two officers were in Washington D.C. on Wednesday and confirmed they would be ‘immediately’ terminated if they were found to have been directly involved in the insurrection.

‘The Department fully supports all lawful expressions of First Amendment freedom of speech, but the violent mob and events that unfolded at the US Capitol were unlawful and resulted in the death of another police officer,’ Diaz said. 

‘The OPA [Office of Police Accountability] will investigate whether any SPD policies were violated and if any potential illegal activities need to be referred for criminal investigation.’

The investigation comes after allegations emerged on social media that members of law enforcement had taken part in the violent protests. 

OPA civilian director Andrew Myerberg told the Seattle Times the department became aware of photo circulating on social media that showed the officers at the rally. 

‘So, yes, we believe they were there, but we don’t know all the facts yet, so that’s why we’re doing the investigation,’ Myerberg said. 

‘The fundamental question will be, “Is being present at the rally in and of itself a violation of department policy?”

‘And I just don’t know that yet. I think it really depends on what they did and what their role was in those events,’ he added.

A SPD spokesperson on Friday confirmed the officers, who have not yet been named, were not on duty at the time. 

It comes as authorities continue to search for dozens of suspects that were seen causing damage to the Capitol building in a violent protest that left five people dead.

Authorities have already arrested more than 80 rioters who breached the Capitol building, scaled the Senate and House Chambers, vandalized statues, fired tear gas and defaced property.

Fifty-five are being pursued on federal charges, authorities say. 

Dozens more, who were labeled as ‘great patriots’ by President Trump, are still yet to be identified. So far, the FBI has identified and released photos of about 40 people they need help tracking down.

Arrest NYPD cop who kneeled on Blackman’s neck in Queens(

“After George Floyd was murdered, we passed a law to ban chokeholds and kneeling directly on people’s necks,” de Blasio tweeted Thursday afternoon.

“I’ve seen the video from a recent arrest and I’m deeply disturbed. A full investigation is underway and I demand immediate answers from the NYPD.”

The tweet took NYPD brass by surprise, one high-ranking police source told the Daily News.

The NYPD and the Queens District Attorney’s office have said the incident is under investigation. Police body camera footage is part of that review.


How many times have we heard from Africa and Europe who have condemned those in America who are silent to call out White people for ill treatment of blacks for fear that their freedom will be deprived.

As they’ve told many who asked this particular question,white people are quick to cross anyone out.Therefore we rather not get them involve or call them out.

White People made everybody to think they’re weak.These people are far from weak and they will have to accept their correctness.I know their strength as a race and I want others to recognize it.

Stop believing that they’re not strong mentally or physically that isn’t true.They’ve the same toughness as all of us and we must call them out on things they do unjustly.They will listen and get educated and change.

With that already out of the way,it is everyone responsibilities to call out Whites who ignores equal justice for all.Doing so can bring a needed change.

Dr.Sdwjr called White Trump Supporters A Domestic Terrorist In America

There are no words best describes what happened in a Washington D.C in the Nation finest and safest place.

We must limit White People level of freedom expression of freedom because they clearly don’t understand the limitations.

These are some of our reasons why we question whether White officers are transparent when it comes to their own acting out of line.

I don’t bother to put any level of trust in White Police because when it comes to implementing the measure they refused but apply it on Black People.