A Mother who preferred her son to be a Pastor than an Activist.

Image:In a million year,I never would’ve known how my mother felt supportive of Pastoring but not activism,knowing that she didn’t come from either one of those backgrounds . Hold up! I will have to say she came from one of those backgrounds and that is the one she doesn’t want her son to be apart and that is activism.If her mind can serve her right, all of her relatives where activists, they were the type that will remove government or president from office.They were militant guys who will demand change by the barrel of a gun.They were no joke activists.Those guys met business and I mean they handle business.She watched them first hand in operation when they overthrow the President of Liberia in the early 80’s to 90’s.

From the overall of things, she didn’t like the outcome that it created for the entire family.It created a publicity that the family were never prepared to deal with, especially not the kind that has to do with overthrowing a government and president.As one of the oldest of them all, if not the oldest, she would tell them, “Why your bringing this unwanted publicity to this family,especially,the kind that will hunter us for generations.”

I guessed  those things that she saw first hand with her family and how they became a target by other people and hatred messages where coming from angle and how her family had to lived with this fear every single day, she didn’t want that for her child.

My mother is the most precious mother to me,I don’t want to say in the world.Every mother is greatest mother in the world like mine.The first time  I told my mother I was coming a Pastor she told me no,BIG NO! When I became one she love the passion and love I still have for the Lord, and she would comment on almost everything I preached or posted online.She became my biggest support after years of fight that ministry isn’t for me and it will limit other things I am gifted and great at.My mother knew me well, but God knew me more than she did.So She took the L as meaning lost.Today  I am still Pastoring in Ministry and serving the Lord.

from one thing to the next I found myself in the crossfire of preaching and speaking for others.Over few years,I developed a love and passion for activism and I took as the same a Pastoring.But since I am always in communication with my mother,I decided to asked her if it was ok for me to activism or become a serious Activist.She told me,no! BIG NO! “Stick with Pastoring! I don’t want to lose you!”

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