A New York police officer drew his gun on protesters. Mayor Bill de Blasio says he ‘should have his gun and badge taken away.

Police officers arrest a protester in New York, Monday, June 1, 2020.(AP Photo:Seth Wenig)

Seth Wenig/AP Photo

  • A New York City police officer pointed his gun at peaceful protesters in Manhattan Sunday night.
  • After a video of the incident trended on Twitter, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the officer’s actions were “unacceptable” and he should “have his gun and badge taken away.”
  • On Saturday, de Blasio was widely criticized for defending police officers who drove into a protesting crowd, before backtracking on his comments Sunday.
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Late on Sunday evening, a police officer in New York City pulled his gun out of his holster and pointed it at peaceful protesters near Manhattan’s Union Square, moving swiftly toward them as they shrieked in alarm and moved away.

Mayor Bill de Blasio condemned the officer’s actions, which were caught on video. He described the video as “absolutely unacceptable.” 

“That officer should have his gun and badge taken away today,” de Blasio said. 

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