A Short Sermon can make a huge difference in CHURCH membership

write-a-short-sermon-for-youWritten By Sdwjr #FOC

Within these last days, people are following what keeps their attention and release it quickly.I was amazed by how people don’t want to come to church because of the length of the preaching in church.Again I wasn’t too surprised because people have other things or agendas on their million lists on Sunday.A new estimated 12% of people say they don’t attend church because they don’t have time.Now,I will have to agree with that because of the increase of everything or the demand of everything.The life is overwhelming!!

I’ve always respected time that I set and it has enabled me to respect other people time.With these crazy work schedules,I’ve tried to keep my sermon under 30 mins the max and as well as the entire service to an hour.It keep people attention on the message and also the less they’re to be extremely disrupted about their to do list. I keep the main theme as the main and it grabs their over understanding of the context of the message.

Also, I tend to keep people daily life into consideration, especially their time isn’t only for Sunday service.I have heard people saying to me, Pastor, “I don’t have time for Sunday service.” And they’re probably right! Think of it this way: when you’re busy, would you rather watch a movie or an episode of a show. Probably the latter. Try providing more services and sermons, but making them more succinct. Each one should be no more than 30 to 45 minutes and focused one on just one topic. This way people can squeeze in for a quick 30 minute lecture. And just like people who start an episode of a show, then binge the whole series, they’ll probably stick around for more!

When we keep our messages short and simple and under a decent time stretch, it will not only help increase membership but help people to retain the message and apply the message they heard in church.



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