A SELLOUT Is A Person With A Twisted Mind – Dr.Sdwjr

AG Daniel Cameron Is A Sellout

A successful black person is a successful sellout,can we all agree to disagree.A point I should correct,Lebron James has never been and will never be a sellout.A lesson Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron should have learned as a prominent black person but he choice the route of being a black sellout.How many of these black people we know who are a complete sellout of their own.

The first major sign of a sellout is the people that they glorified.Most Black people will rather be around other race of people than their own.By them been isolated away from their own kind and around other race makes them feel safe.Which gives them a perfect opportunity to be a full flesh sellout.

We all do know that White People are well known for taking advantage of Black people in this country.They’ve Alienated our Black person influential and destroyed their self esteems by simply turning them against or way from their own people.Which makes it extremely easy for them to be heartless towards their own kind.

We’ve always noticed a distinctive tone of a perfect black sellout that is easily recognizable.Oh,we know one when we hear one.Trust and believe we do.They’ll always compare their own people to what they glorified.They’ll say why can we be like those other races or learn from them or watch how they treat one another.Moreover,they treat us better than our own. Their famous words end with a negative connotation how they don’t have any respect for their own kind.

Since Black Americans don’t validate or respect themselves,it has become quite easy for other race of people like Whites to capitalized on that and turned them into a full flesh sellout like AG Daniel Cameron.From the look of things,can we say it is easy to be a sellout?

I’ve watched this right hand on the countless amount of years around my own Black people.Their mannerisms are completely disgraceful and unacceptable to ward one another.I have seen it displayed in private and public countless times.I have intervened and watched many interventions of other to diffuse a conflict that solely base of lack of respect of our own.

Which isn’t a good example for those watching like Whites and non blacks.How many times with first hand info that we be the first to discuss our race at work or at a social gathering with others who are us.many who claimed other well known are sellout.I can’t even begin to counts and some of us don’t really have fair definition of who we are and where we earnestly come from but a successful black journalist Debra J. Dickerson asserts, because “in our political and social reality [black] means those descended from West African slaves.”

“A sellout is person with a twisted mind toward their own kind.”SDWJR

A lack of who we really are is lost due to Whites control of our identities which makes us twisted in our behaviors toward our own kind.A sellout is person with a twisted mind toward his own kind.

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